How Agile Methodology Streamlines Mobile App Development Process?

Discard the traditional methods and switch to the agile methodology for mobile app development. Learn the what, how and why of the same.

The mobile app market is evolving at an astounding rate, which causes worries for the app developers to match the level of creativity and innovation. The paced-up mobile environment demands quick adaption to modern mechanics for building apps that grant supreme user experience and meet the clients’ expectations.

Unlike websites, mobile apps come with an unavoidable challenge of making users download it, use it and eventually keep it for future use. There is a challenge of overcoming high app abandon rate as well, which asks mobile app development agencies to devise strategies for creating something useful in a short span of time.

Further, mobile app developers have to deal with the inconsistencies of app development caused due to varied screen sizes, storage limitation, the processing speed of the system, memory shortage, network connectivity and more. Hence, the need of the hour is to build apps and respond to the technology changes quickly. With constraints like such, agile methodology fits the bill perfectly.

Agile Methodology- Definition and Scope

It allows everyone involved in the scene; developers, designers, app owner and end-users to be on the same page- creating an ideal environment for collaboration. In Agile methodology, the project is broken down into smaller modules, which act as an individual entity for the dedicated teams or professionals. Each module is assigned to a team of specialists, who then work to achieve the set goals. In the end, the distributed modules are combined to obtain the final product.

By doing this, resources get evenly distributed and are utilized efficiently during the development process. Plus, the teams can expertly execute the ploy according to their ability and competence. There is a scrum master who takes care of the proceedings ensuring that everyone is on the right track with processes being carried out in the desirable fashion. The constant communication with the app owner (gaining insights and feedback) and the collaborative effort of the teams make the process smooth and flawless- resulting in a functional app that matches the level of client’s expectations.

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How it’s different from Waterfall methodology?

In the case of Waterfall methodology, you need to know the requirements, features, functionalities and all other requisites at the start of the project as there is a fixed format to developing the app. Once the documentation is done, the development starts. At the end of the software development life cycle, we have the testing phase, which identifies the errors and bugs of the whole project at once. In a big project, it becomes tough for the developers to identify the errors and rectify them. Therefore, Agile methodology is preferred where targets are small, testing is done simultaneously with phases of app development and the entire process gets over the line quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Agile Methodology

With Agile methodology put to use, processes get streamlined as the project breaks down into smaller modules called scrums. The scrum master (controller of the entire development process) assigns tasks and goals to respective teams who then work separately to achieve the targets. It has several benefits that incline app development firms to take it up as the preferred method of operation.

  • It allows teams to work on small targets.
  • It allows modifications as per market’s and client’s demand.
  • It leverages developers to add new features and keep up with the market’s pace.
  • It focuses on testing at each stage.
  • Regular testing allows you to create a glitch-free product in lesser time.
  • Rapid development makes the clients happy.
  • Constant communication keeps everyone on the same page throughout the development process.
  • Transparency and flexibility are maintained.
  • The end-product is reliable, scalable and most importantly, as intended.
  • Development challenges are overpowered with ease.


With ever-evolving app market, it’s important to have solutions that don’t restrain or restrict you. Agile methodology plays a vital role here, allowing you to add new features, modify the existing ones and evolve your product with time. Traditional methods of development are outdated. Clients demand quick results and Agile development is the route to take. App development companies find themselves under constant pressure of delivering quality solutions within set deadlines.

Agile development makes the process fast, allows an early release, creates a cohesive work environment and most importantly, makes clients happy and lives easier for app developers. If you want to excel and match the pace at which the industry is moving, you got to adopt the agile way.

Developing an app is no big deal, but improving it with time to please the end users is certainly a task. Get in touch with a skillful team of developers and analysts for expert guidance and build something that matters to the world. We, at Konstant, have served more than 2,550 customers worldwide and possess the best bunch of professionals who are ready to assist you.

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