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Next-generation internet solutions.
connecting people & devices.

Offering the hottest connectivity services via IoT Application Development


IoT apps for startups and businesses

For the startups and other businesses we work with, we provide complete development services that utilize smart software/mobile solutions and can provide benefits to increase efficiency in the customers' and employees' lives, along with building a smart and connected home, workplace, and industry by using environmental data gathered by sensors that control devices through the internet. There are endless opportunities we offer with our mobile apps across different markets like automotive, health, smart homes, smart cities, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing that connect different IoT devices with mobile apps.

Some of our IoT app solutions include:

  • Mobile End-user Apps
  • Bluetooth App Development
  • Backend & API Development
  • iBeacon App Development
  • App Security Consulting
  • Big Data Analytics
  • M2M Communication
  • Wired and Wi-Fi Solutions

Top-notch Technology Stack


For developing advanced IoT apps and helping your business reach out to the modern millennials, we use current technologies and tools that can deliver a seamlessly connected experience to your customers.

  • MQTT
  • XMPP
  • AMQP
  • CoAP
  • Wireless
  • Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • 4G LTE
    4G LTE
  • GSM Network (2G/3G and SMS)
    GSM Network (2G/3G and SMS)
  • AWS
  • Sensors
  • Cloud Sync
    Cloud Sync
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • Android
  • iOS

Why choose Konstant as your
IoT App Development Partner?

Sensor-based Android and iOS app solutions

Business Value Across Markets

Discovering the true potential behind collecting and analyzing data from connected devices, we serve the widest industry base with endless innovative ideas.

Strategic Consulting

Before starting work, we suggest ideas for IoT based automation systems or converging them with existing processes.

Earliest Adopters

Passionate about new-fangled technology, we started our innovation and design-focused services for IoT devices since its inception.

Highly Motivated & Innovative

To provide the best tech IoT, our team comprises highly creative and quick minds to provide hands-free connectivity to users for different operations.

Disciplined Infrastructure

Unlike screwing up with freelance developers due to hardware and software infrastructure problems, our company has everything arranged in place.

Seamless IoT Integration

To make IoT data available easily across the enterprise, we connect the IoT solutions with your ERP, CRM, EHR and more.

Perfect Execution

Our strategy encompasses all the five major layers of an IoT solution - Device, Communication, Cloud Services, Applications and Security.

Faster Delivery, Reduced Costs

We value our client’s time and money and thus, ensure to deliver every project on time and within the promised costs.


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