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Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive web applications (PWA’s) combine the best features of a web as well as native applications. But with limited access to device’ features like camera, GPS etc. They can work even on old browser versions. They make use of modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience. They develop from web browser pages. Such apps are built in Angular, React or any other framework that runs on the desktop, Mobile and all other platforms with advanced support like Android, iOS, Windows etc. PWA’s are capable of tapping the native capabilities of the device. Service Workers work closely as an engine to give native powers to normal web apps in their OS and browsers.

Basic Principles to Progressive Web Application Development

Short and simple registration

Improved design

Focusing on specific features

Collecting customer feedback

Updating the application periodically

Ensure that the app is profitable but not at expense of user experience

Why Progressive Web Applications?

Get mobile-app-like experiences, to deliver fast, engaging and reliable experiences, reachable and reliable websites

Sharable and Linkable

PWA does not require any installation. It can be easily shared via links

Offline Support

PWA’s are capable of working even in poor internet connectivity

Increased Conversion Rate

Frictionless navigation improves conversion and user retention rates.

User Friendly

PWA captures wider audience as they cater to almost all browsers, all platforms and even work offline when required. They are secure, fast and reliable.


If the apps have a fully responsive website that performs the same way where is the need to waste time, money, space and internet on smartphones by installing the native apps? It works on multiple platforms and multiple browsers and enhances the existing web technology.

Create best Progressive Web Apps That Exceed Native Apps

Why hire Kosntant for Progressive Web Application Development?

Konstantinfo is a pioneer PWA Development Company that creates modern style web applications that are highly secure, functional, optimized, responsive, reliable and speedy with relevant content. We ensure that our Progressive web app development services follow industry standards and guidelines of Progressive Web App Development. Major Reasons To Hire Us:

Flexible Engagement Model

We offer flexible engagement models for our global clients and prospects.

App Customization

We develop customized apps that are business centric and will suit to your needs.

Lifecycle Management

Every project goes via app development life cycle.

Security/IP Ownership

We follow rules guided by NDA to protect the source code. We strictly adhere to privacy of data.


We build web apps that can fit into screens of any size – either desktop, mobile, tablet etc.

Multiple Browser Support

Our apps work on virtually every browser, even on old browsers

Offline Support

Our apps can work offline as they are enriched by service workers and also capable of working on low-quality networks.

App Shell

Our apps make use of app shell model to provide app-style navigation and interactions

TLS Support

Our apps are served via TLS to prevent snooping and it is ensured that the content has not been tampered with


Our apps are easily discoverable by search engine due to W3C manifests and service worker registration.

Push Notifications

Our apps contain features like push notifications make re-engagement easy.

No Installation Required

These do not require any complex installation and can be shared via link

Cross-platform support (Write once, use anywhere)

A single codebase can be used for all platforms (Web, Android, and iOS)

Updating is Easy

The app update process can be easily controlled by the developer and there is no requirement of the app store

Get the Best Progressive Web Development Services from most proficient engineers

Progressive Web Apps Services by Konstantinfo

We ensure that Progressive Web Applications built by us will be identical to native mobile applications and performance will never be an issue. These run faster across all platforms along with integrating features like offline navigation, push notifications, data analysis and easy distribution channels.

  • Progressive App Design, Development and testing customized to your needs
  • Application Shell Architecture
  • Quality Responsive Design
  • Application Shell Architecture

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