A Definitive Inquiry into A/B Testing

To help you chart a testing plan for your mobile app

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An e-paper probing all dimensions of A/B testing including but not limited to usability, procedures, best practices and more

You will find in this detailed guide:

The Basics

Taking a closer look at what A/B testing is? How does it work? And why is it recommended to app developers in the first place?


Planning & Execution

We dig deeper into the procedures of deploying A/B testing- including how businesses should plan such testing for their application and the best tools available for the purpose.


Tips & Pitfalls

Outlining how businesses can make the most out of A/B testing along with some valuable insights and tips on the subject from our experts. We also highlight some of its shortfalls and cases where businesses shouldn’t rely on A/B testing.


Our Take

In the last section, we answer some of the most common questions people ask regarding A/B testing and our holistic take on how businesses should go about it.

Read. Learn. Execute!

You find all you need to know about A/B testing.

A/B testing is one of the most popular testing methodologies adopted by businesses of all scales and industries but is also shrouded in some confusion and misconception. To dispel such doubts, we present this whitepaper where our experts

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