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Helpful Resources / 15.07.2019

What is the TikTok app? This is a music video social media platform which has heaved upward in popularity recently (2018-19). It is free to use, giving youngsters a medium to acknowledge their freedom of

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Helpful Resources / 17.06.2019

Python is an open-source, high level, a general-purpose programming language that is used to build scalable and robust web applications. It is for the similar and few more reasons like scalability and readability that the

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Mobile App Development / 01.11.2017

Know how to go big with your on-demand service idea with this detailed study on mobile apps and their role in the on-demand economy.

Helpful Resources / 06.06.2019

I asked: “Hey Siri, do you know Alexa?” Siri replied: “I offer no resistance to helpful assistants!” Reminiscing “Hierarchy of Anticipation” by Robert Stephens, one of the co-founders of Assist – The automated assistant platform for

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Helpful Resources / 20.04.2019

Life without mobile phones looks unimaginable and now these are the sine qua non for every individual. Android and iOS development have converted the way an individual or an organization does its business. There is

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Helpful Resources / 18.01.2019

The world is shrinking day in and day out. We keep communicating with people and travelling to lands far away from our place. Faster speed, richer references, and improved choices keep adding to this adventure.

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Helpful Resources / 27.12.2018

An MVP is usually developed at the beginning of project development (planning phase). In one line, MVP is a minimum viable product that can be termed as a sketch, an outline or a blueprint of

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Helpful Resources / 29.11.2018

New app uses are likely to visit again after a month compared to web shoppers. Whether its user retention or conversion rate, mobile apps win everywhere. Like we say in our everyday lingo ‘Retail is

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Helpful Resources / 28.11.2018

Mobile apps are estimated to set $188.9 billion USD by coming 2020 in global revenues via in-app advertising and app stores which are eventually going to become a huge opportunity for business. Besides the technical

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Helpful Resources / 20.11.2018

There are simple things that keep users happy. Restaurant owners try to figure out simple but effective ways to engage their audience. Whether it is music, ambiance, customer service or the food itself, these minuscule

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Helpful Resources / 19.09.2018

The ultimate idea of every business is to create new and retain the older users with their mobile apps. Though it is not exactly true, it still forms a primary basis for fetching new business

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