Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development / 21.11.2019

Finding a suitable mobile app architecture has always been difficult as it has to be scoped with the nature of the application to be built. It tells us if the things are going in the

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Helpful Resources / 14.11.2019

We’re all mature until someone brings out the bubble wrap, water color-filled guns, cites the mud water-filled pits or limping puppies, only I didn’t say fudge! How do you feel while standing in front of

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Offshore Development / 01.03.2018

Reading this whitepaper you should be able to take your pick of offshore engagement model for your development needs.

Mobile App Development / 02.10.2019

A formalized, modern architecture (highest level of system design) helps establish guidelines, patterns, and constraints according to which the code grows. It helps developers understand and predetermine how a system will work. The decision to

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Mobile App Development / 27.09.2019

iPhone developers need to create a provisioning profile to get their apps approved by Apple on the App Store. It is always advisable to complete all stages of SDLC till testing before sending it across

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Mobile App Development / 26.09.2019

There has been an evident tussle between big studios as we see them gobble up each other increasingly as smaller movies struggle and even name-brand titles tank at the box office. Movie Streaming Apps like

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Mobile App Development / 25.09.2019

The subsequent discussion revolves around major android architecture, underlying components, and their basic usage. Creating a basic android app requires taking some input from the user (via LiveData), saving that input into the local database

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Mobile App Development / 24.09.2019

Every big business begins as a startup. Platforms for ride sharing or carpooling doesn’t take a lot of money but they do take a lot of perseverance. It isn’t exactly the start that one bargains

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Mobile App Development / 20.09.2019

Excellent tool support and interoperability with Java, Objective C and now Swift act as invaluable hacks for Kotlin programmers. Google’s support and availability of Android Studio for Kotlin have further counterbalanced app development across platforms.

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Helpful Resources / 25.08.2019

Building an app for your business is not as straightforward as it seems. Businesses have to undergo several dilemma stages before putting hands on one. One of the puzzles to solve ahead of app development

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Mobile App Development / 20.08.2019

The slow evolution of Java has led to an increasing interest in JVM languages. There must be more than 50 JVM languages (some high-profile, some implementations of existing languages, some new languages with JVM implementations),

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