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Guide to On-Demand App Development

To Help You Grow Big in the On-Demand Economy

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E-paper explaining how on-demand services are rising big in the form of mobile app solutions


Segmenting the on-demand economy

Across 4 different market segments – On-demand delivery, On-demand transport, On-demand freight movement, and On-demand home services.


Customer satisfaction through mobile apps

Learn about current concerns and delivery capabilities with reference to customer and predictive and post-delivery analysis for performance enhancement.


Predictive Analytics Through Mobile Apps

Emphasizing on different factors of anticipating and visualizing future possibilities assessing the conditions that are prevailing.


On-demand Economy Facts and Stats

Learn about the major trends and tendencies that are affecting the numbers in the on-demand economy, in exclusive facts and stats.

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The on-demand economy has splurged into new avenues of possibilities with mobile apps allowing it to commit to better roles, range, and traits of technology and communication. With superb reach and gripping features blended with the modern science of utility, mobile apps are making it big for on-demand services and allowing businesses to nail it with compelling user-responsive capacities that the mobile technology has to offer.

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Uber for Tutors – An Instructive Initiative by Young Entrepreneurs in 2018

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Challenges Faced While Creating an App for On-Demand Babysitting Like – Uber for Babysitters

Parenting can be really tough, especially for working parents who are trying to strike a balance between work and home life. Most of the parents try to give as much time to their babies while they are...

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