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A whitepaper on the cost of developing a secure messaging application taking Telegram App as the benchmark

App development costs with all the intricacies

IM Market and Telegram’s Position

Gauging the market trends of mobile apps and the corresponding growth in instant messaging popularity. Where Telegram stands in competition from WeChat, Whatsapp, Facebook and more.


Breakdown of Telegram’s Features

What makes Telegram stand out from the lot and sustain the competition. We have segregated the app into 22 features- from basic to unique, that together make the application what it is.


Time Analysis for Each Feature

A detailed breakdown of resources and time it takes to build each particular feature for iOS, Android, and Web platform.


An Informed Estimate

Get the final quotation. You also get a rare glimpse into how app development companies build estimates and the impact each feature has on the final quote.

Watch and Learn

An in-depth insight into what it takes to build the most secure messaging app

This e-paper dives deep into the instant messaging mobile app market and charts out trends using authentic data.
You will get to learn the individual features of Telegram app with their time, resources and monetary costs of development- all sourced
from actual development experience and current industry rates.

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