Konstant Business Continuity Plan at Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

The way we conduct ourselves during the crisis not only augments our image but as well adds to it. As India is going through one of the largest lockdowns with nearly 1.3+ billion people asked to stay at home to combat the deadly virus, these unprecedented times call upon us to be disruptive presenting us a unique opportunity to strengthen our brands.

Is there a pandemic preparation plan in place?

The lockout call spelt doom for the entire economy lest our practices were in place. Leaping the comfort zones, knowing exactly that we had less incentive to invest in distinct pandemic management capabilities due to its lower probability rates - we refreshed our resilience plans in response to the current pandemic. We considered all the differences in today’s environment and incorporated pandemic planning considerations into existing resilience management activities including sufficient network connectivity and necessary infrastructure for WFH setup to all employees to provide continuity for their most critical services.

Will there be any impact on my project if the Indian lockdown period extends?

No, it will be as usual. If the projects entail working with multiple partners and teams – a technology team for designing and building the platform, the internal legal and finance teams, the project which would normally take 30 days to become operational gets market-ready within 10 days. We add swiftness, initiative and the 'can-do' tag to our brand. Stretched to the brim and working on tight timelines, we are still steering kick-off meetings, congregated in virtual meeting rooms, discussions amongst cohorts, tasked with brainstorming and action-planning around the specific issue in hand.

What if my point of contact gets caught by the Coronavirus?

We have been proactive in implementing workplace safety rules. Our employees were informed about adopting precautionary measures and keeping away from fake news regarding COVID-19. As we decided to work from home, we kept everyone in line with the procedures to be followed. In addition to personal safety, we also ensure that we are accountable for our work and have dedicated resources to accomplish the assigned task within the prescribed timeline. Project Managers are aligned with technical and team leads to ensure that an alternate person will always be available in case anyone of them becomes unwell due to the current situation.

Is there any change in our point of contact correspondence in the event of the unavailability of your staff in the office premises?

Our services are available online across the globe – this saves us the effort to be physically present at our office locations.

[email protected]

Are there well-coordinated and standardized communication systems and protocols to ensure clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders?

Efficient communication measures were the very first protocol that we implemented as part of a risk management plan, to demystify the fear during the COVID-19 scenario. We support telecommuting practices including text, voice and video calls if necessary. This clearly articulates the procedures and expectations that all the stakeholders should follow.

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