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Mobile App Development / 18.01.2018

Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were great and you’ve managed to return to your work routines. Beginning this year with some happy news, we’re thrilled to share with you the record-breaking sales that

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Helpful Resources / 17.01.2018

A few years ago, it was hard to find a betting app. The gamblers had to visit the website to place a bet. Moreover, the majority of betting websites didn’t have much to offer to

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Mobile App Development / 01.11.2017

Experts reveal vital practices to make your mobile app development pay you off well!


Mobile App Development / 15.01.2018

In a recent Press Release, TopDevelopers declared Konstant as a top performing app developer. The reliability and efficiency is what helped Konstant to be featured on TopDevelopers as one of the top mobile app development

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Technology / 11.01.2018

Software technology is growing fast to influence and change the way we work, communicate and do things. It is pervasive and integral to each domain vertical that offers a solution to you in any form

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Mobile App Development / 09.01.2018

Mobile app industry is a very crowded space but with billions of potential users and new technologies entering the market is far from saturated. While there is no cookbook for making any mobile application successful,

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eCommerce / 08.01.2018

E-commerce is here to stay, which means it is futile at this point to discuss how drastically it will shape the future of retail and consumer behavior because it already has! If you still haven’t

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Mobile App Development / 06.01.2018

Let’s follow a simple lead- for any business to prosper in this age, taking their products and services online is inevitable. Now, the digital space is itself dominated by mobile devices, and when it comes

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Mobile App Development / 05.01.2018

IoT is one of those technologies that are continuously growing to take charge of the evolved user needs and the fast-changing trends in the space of tech-communication. This is because it is able to move

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Helpful Resources / 03.01.2018

Writing an app’s code is no more a tedious task for mobile app developers.Thanks to the modern tools, refined algorithms and stable dependable platforms. They can now cruise on their way to app development. However,

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Mobile App Development / 02.01.2018

A direct four-version jump of Apple from iOS 11.2.1 to iOS 11.2.5 is leaving iOS developers and users in a sure surprise. Amidst of all the backlashes it has received for violating the standards, it

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