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Mobile App Development / 15.11.2018

Information Technology market has been growing at exceptional rates. Marketers have been taking large but strategic steps and have been throwing the gauntlet to their junior counterparts by continuing to invest huge amounts to renovate

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Mobile App Development / 14.11.2018

A comparative study conducted on users of Android and iOS showed that both Apple and Android are vying for a leading market share and none of them is ready to leave the tech arena without

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Mobile App Development / 07.01.2017

Learn here how to develop a viral mobile app that breaks the app store and achieves a milestone of 1 million downloads.

Mobile App Development / 05.11.2018

iOS 12.1 will ramp up mobile usage, increase phone pick up times (and what app draws you in first), and notify the apps that send you the most notifications. Besides this, it will enable blocking

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Web Development / 31.10.2018

Most of us are aware of PHP, it’s seasoned, easy to handle, robust and scalable. But how many of us are actually aware that Python is close behind. The coincidence is uncanny. Both PHP and

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Mobile App Development / 30.10.2018

Before stepping into the world of mobile app development, obviously one needs to target their users. Another factor that requires the attention of the businesses is the OS platforms that must be selected for developing

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Mobile App Development / 29.10.2018

As soon as you decide to build an app, evidences have to be weighed and alternatives have to be examined if you want the app to delight the clients in one go.  Developers often get

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Mobile App Development / 26.10.2018

After hitting different service verticals and allowing different businesses to reap benefits from on-demand mobile app development, we have another new entrant flashing up high and it is for cleaning services this time. As per

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eCommerce / 25.10.2018

Magento tops the list of topmost technologies that have been the basis of e-commerce platform in 2018. The other ones are WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, VirtueMart, IBM Websphere Commerce, BigCommerce, osCommerce, Squarespace Online Stores. Magento

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News & Events / 25.10.2018

Appfutura recently listed Konstant among top 20+ Blockchain App Development Companies. As perceived by most of the people have estimated, it is not the Bitcoin that is going to change the world but the technology

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Web Development / 24.10.2018

PHP is used by almost 83% of websites across the world and is thus one of the widely used languages for web design and development throughout the world. Rasmond Lerdoff did not develop it as

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