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Hire a Developer / 28.03.2020

Cutting through the noise of contradictory studies, it's time to double-check your settings and connect with remote development in the response of Covid-19. Scoop out some tricks!

eCommerce / 27.03.2020

We're sure the explanations that are listed here will exonerate for the past findings in technology trends in e-commerce, paving way for the new ones in the upcoming year!

Mobile App Development / 01.08.2018

A whitepaper on the cost of developing a secure messaging application taking Telegram App as the benchmark.

Company News / 11.03.2020

We credit the influence of continued learning, networking, and inspiration as we step up into our 18th Year, with Konstant’s anniversary celebrations on 7th March 2020!

Mobile App Development / 05.03.2020

Here’s the Mobile App Development Trends 2020 continuum that will propel the future of mobile applications in the year ahead!

Mobile App Development / 19.02.2020

Wish to turn an enigmatic platform into a successful on-demand delivery app? Find cues from the excerpt!

Mobile App Development / 12.02.2020

Here are the cost determinants, tech stack and the top features to build a social media app like Instagram in comparison to prevalent social media platforms!

Work Culture / 08.02.2020

This is how we celebrated February’s first weekend, have a look!

Helpful Resources / 04.02.2020

Create a Job Search App: Although tough, Job searching is a matter of three essential steps: prep, search and close. Get to know the cost determinants here!

Work Culture / 03.02.2020

January’s first-week was focused on outlining the ways to increase productivity, engagement and greater job satisfaction by an ambit of team-building activities!

Company News / 01.02.2020

Taking every necessary step ensuring a five-star moment for every customer experience, Konstantinfo has been updating their feedbacks, renewals, and reviews – have a look!


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