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Web Development / 18.04.2019

Terms like front-end web application architecture, web app, web 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 and so on, HTML5 apps can sound misleading and might often do not consider the full specifics of implementation

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Web Development / 15.04.2019

Both PHP and ASP.NET are great programming language to work with, and choosing between the two is a tricky business for the newbies. Here, in this article, we will highlight the major differences between the two

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Mobile App Development / 07.01.2017

Learn here how to develop a viral mobile app that breaks the app store and achieves a milestone of 1 million downloads.

Mobile App Development / 09.04.2019

A report by Gartner reveals the Smartphone market share captured by different operating systems. Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 4Q16 (Thousands of Units) Operating System 4Q16 (Units) 4Q16 Market Share

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Mobile App Development / 08.04.2019

Today, the online platform has completely transformed our lifestyle, our communication patterns, our shopping habits, and the way we conduct business. The food delivery market is no different and has changed at an accelerated pace

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Mobile App Development / 05.04.2019

Convenience is something that people look out for while shopping. Building an e-commerce store is easy, provided the developer is aware of the basics. What is it that the customers want to see? What is

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Web Development / 04.04.2019

As many as 342 million domains have been recorded to be registered by the end of the third quarter of 2018, across all TLDs. With the advent of accelerated mobile pages, progressive web apps, chatbots,

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Mobile App Development / 28.03.2019

Finding a parking space away from home is an up-and-coming problem that has gripped the masses. Count of cars has increased with increasing population and this has caused scarcity of space. Finding a free parking

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Web Development / 25.03.2019

Organizations hire full stack developers so that they can work across all the layers of the application. He is not exactly an expert in every stack (MEAN, LAMP, MERN etc.) but has a working knowledge

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Web Development / 18.03.2019

Startup companies are often troubled to select their choicest programming language. When it comes to Web application development services, they often have to consider various project requirements before choosing a perfect backend technology. These can

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Mobile App Development / 14.03.2019

Smart devices (IoT) co-exist and need to talk to each other within the network (here: smart home). Zigbee and Z-wave are two protocol standards upon which such smart devices work. These make use of the

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