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Mobile App Development / 19.07.2018

The occasions that used to simple affairs have now become large and lavish in their ways. This situation becomes more visible if it is about catering to a crowd at a big public event. So,

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Mobile App Development / 17.07.2018

Android has officially adopted Kotlin as the supported language. Android developers are often confused as to which programming language would acquire the scenario in future. One of the burning questions these days is a differentiation

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Mobile App Development / 07.01.2017

Learn here how to develop a viral mobile app that breaks the app store and achieves a milestone of 1 million downloads.


Helpful Resources / 12.07.2018

Do not worry about what code goes where. No need to be lifecycle aware. Write proper modularized production ready code without extra defense checks. Available with Android Studio 3.2 and above, Android Jetpack is a

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Mobile App Development / 06.07.2018

For 15 years, we have been devoted to becoming a leader in the web and app development industry. As a company, we solve real world problems for businesses in almost any industry. Having launched over

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Mobile App Development / 05.07.2018

From the changing ways of interfacing with a service and consuming it, to enhanced possibilities of making choice using various dynamic options and features, we can see a lot of changes that smartphones have brought,

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Mobile App Development / 04.07.2018

When you are planning to build a retail app, you are entering into a sea of competition where you will get to see new players and ideas coming in and big changes and developments happening

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Mobile App Development / 03.07.2018

Node.js is out with its latest release, the version 10. It is slated to become the platform’s Long-Term Support (LTS) line in October 2018. As per this announcement, it would be considered as the primary

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Mobile App Development / 02.07.2018

Waterfall model is the most primitive approach to software development. Better known as linear-sequential life cycle model, it is very easy to understand and use. But due to certain disadvantages, this model is no longer

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Mobile App Development / 29.06.2018

There are multitudes of mobile app agencies around that will not deliver as expected. This becomes a critical stopping point where the need of an expert arises that could relieve the ones who are looking

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Helpful Resources / 25.06.2018

Mobile app development is a big story of the business world now. You could say a mobile app is the most modern representation of your business that appeals your existing customers and potential users. Mobile

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