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Mobile App Development / 17.01.2019

A little glow, a bit of glitter, a lotta love! Dating applications are more than just being the next door relationship app or the hookup app. Bumble, OKCupid (OKC), Badoo, Happn, Hinge, Tinder are just

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Mobile App Development / 09.01.2019

Once Tim Spann (a solutions engineer with over a decade experience in Java Programming, IoT essentials, big data, distributed computing, streaming technologies, and blogging),  stated that good code cannot alone do justice to the application

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Mobile App Development / 07.01.2017

Learn here how to develop a viral mobile app that breaks the app store and achieves a milestone of 1 million downloads.

Web Development / 07.01.2019

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation. Vue.JS turns out a winner as it has a comparatively steep learning curve as compared to

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Mobile App Development / 05.01.2019

With all the transactions going cashless, paperless future is not a distant dream. Almost every operation in business is automated. More than 70% of enterprises count mobility as a top priority to stay ahead of

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Mobile App Development / 04.01.2019

Orchestrating the Android Application into logical components, embracing a modular and logical approach to organize the application leads way to drifting away from monolithic model view controller (MVC) pattern and leveraging testable patterns like Model

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Mobile App Development / 03.01.2019

Read the press release listing the top web and software development firms of 2018, where Konstant has been honored as a productive web Development Company offering effective technical solutions for the client requirements, no matter

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News & Events / 01.01.2019

List of Holidays – 2019 Date Day Occasion Holidays Type 1st January Tuesday New Year* Full Day 14th January Monday Makar Sankranti Full Day 26th January Saturday Republic Day Full Day 21st March Thursday Holi

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Helpful Resources / 27.12.2018

An MVP is usually developed at the beginning of project development (planning phase). In one line, MVP is a minimum viable product that can be termed as a sketch, an outline or a blueprint of

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Mobile App Development / 26.12.2018

When you plan to build a mobile app for your unique idea or a business goal, you may have different objectives and purposes in mind. Of the most crucial ones that you take on priority

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Mobile App Development / 12.12.2018

Just being passionate about something is not enough. Whether it is a hobby or a basic necessity, respecting secret ingredients to create that magic in the dish requires time and effort. Eating is a necessity,

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