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Mobile App Development / 02.10.2019

A formalized, modern architecture (highest level of system design) helps establish guidelines, patterns, and constraints according to which the code grows. It helps developers understand and predetermine how a system will work. The decision to

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Mobile App Development / 27.09.2019

iPhone developers need to create a provisioning profile to get their apps approved by Apple on the App Store. It is always advisable to complete all stages of SDLC till testing before sending it across

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Mobile App Development / 26.03.2019

Here are the incredible guide on how to choose the right app development firm

Mobile App Development / 25.09.2019

The subsequent discussion revolves around major android architecture, underlying components, and their basic usage. Creating a basic android app requires taking some input from the user (via LiveData), saving that input into the local database

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Mobile App Development / 24.09.2019

Every big business begins as a startup. Platforms for ride sharing or carpooling doesn’t take a lot of money but they do take a lot of perseverance. It isn’t exactly the start that one bargains

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Mobile App Development / 20.09.2019

Excellent tool support and interoperability with Java, Objective C and now Swift act as invaluable hacks for Kotlin programmers. Google’s support and availability of Android Studio for Kotlin have further counterbalanced app development across platforms.

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Helpful Resources / 16.09.2019

There can be many reasons why developers choose frameworks regardless of their experience level. Written in JavaScript all these three platform AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS have been gaining developer’s attention and have been exceptional choice

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News & Events / 02.09.2019

Can changing how we think about weekends could improve our feelings of overall happiness? We often struggle for ideas to make weekend and subsequent weekdays productive! For some, it means sleeping in longer, or making

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News & Events / 01.09.2019

Q: Why should you read this excerpt? A: For one/more of these reasons: Because it’s interesting Because it’s important Because It’s the key to happiness And Positive reinforcement is a procurement management practice that must

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Helpful Resources / 25.08.2019

Building an app for your business is not as straightforward as it seems. Businesses have to undergo several dilemma stages before putting hands on one. One of the puzzles to solve ahead of app development

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News & Events / 21.08.2019

While the planning effort conducted by the project team turned out to be the determinant, zAmerican project success can be characterized by adequate communication, decent planning, proper and timely estimation, and correct scheduling. As we

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