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Helpful Resources / 21.06.2017

Pandora is known to us as the world’s best free internet radio, offering high-end personalization. Music services like Pandora have gained huge audience and revenues in the past years. The US market alone accounted for

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Helpful Resources / 19.06.2017

Going by the definition, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product with just enough features and a basic interface to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future development. If we talk in more

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Helpful Resources / 15.06.2017

“Developing an app on your own costs you nothing. But it may not give you anything in return as well- neither users nor money. “ Because not anyone can develop a mobile app, you need

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Mobile App Development / 09.06.2017

Kotlin-The launch of new programming language from Google is all in buzz these days. Kotlin is touted as one of the most powerful language among the pool of languages built for Android development yet. With

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Mobile App Development / 05.06.2017

“It all started with those small arcade games, ringtone editors, calculators, desktop themes, calendars we loved installing on our mobile handsets to keep the display more attractive and play games in our free time.” Today,

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Helpful Resources / 25.05.2017

There’s nothing as spread-out and feature-filled like Zomato when you talk about Restaurant Guide Apps we have around. Well, this was not the same as they started up with the app and the product was

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Mobile App Development / 24.05.2017

When an expert tends to give advice, we take some and ignore many. The self-realization happens only after going through the experiences, often the expensive ones. This is the one single mindset that has been

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Helpful Resources / 23.05.2017

One fact about newspapers – Print newspaper circulation on an average day was on a constant decline of 7% in 2015. And this decline is mounting steadily to affect the sale of a daily as

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Mobile App Development / 22.05.2017

The outlook of some appreneurs suggests loading up an app with lots of features will make it go viral and users will start using it from the word go. But, it isn’t the case. Loading

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Helpful Resources / 19.05.2017

Of course, the article is not about dating apps or Patkor, it’s to highlight the popularity of live-streaming in mobile apps. Facebook Live, Instagram,, Periscope, Streamago and many more have made live streaming simple

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News & Events / 18.05.2017

The highly-awaited Android O is now out as Beta to be used by all of us. And that is just by pointing your browser over to With this the company is coming up with

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