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Helpful Resources / 25.05.2017

There’s nothing as spread-out and feature-filled like Zomato when you talk about Restaurant Guide Apps we have around. Well, this was not the same as they started up with the app and the product was

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Mobile App Development / 24.05.2017

When an expert tends to give advice, we take some and ignore many. The self-realization happens only after going through the experiences, often the expensive ones. This is the one single mindset that has been

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Helpful Resources / 23.05.2017

One fact about newspapers – Print newspaper circulation on an average day was on a constant decline of 7% in 2015. And this decline is mounting steadily to affect the sale of a daily as

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Mobile App Development / 22.05.2017

The outlook of some appreneurs suggests loading up an app with lots of features will make it go viral and users will start using it from the word go. But, it isn’t the case. Loading

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Helpful Resources / 19.05.2017

Of course, the article is not about dating apps or Patkor, it’s to highlight the popularity of live-streaming in mobile apps. Facebook Live, Instagram,, Periscope, Streamago and many more have made live streaming simple

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News & Events / 18.05.2017

The highly-awaited Android O is now out as Beta to be used by all of us. And that is just by pointing your browser over to With this the company is coming up with

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Mobile App Development / 17.05.2017

Which begins with what HIPAA is. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The law was enacted in order to collect and protect the health information and medical records of individuals. The ultimate

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Helpful Resources / 16.05.2017

With the rise in mobile app usage and smartphones being sold at an unprecedented rate, revenues generated through mobile apps will contribute extensively to the world’s economy. A number of new players have entered the

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News & Events / 15.05.2017

Ransomware has shown its most threatening side,since the last Friday, as “WannaCry”. Now the question that is doing the rounds all over the internet and personal lobbies is how big this malicious program is and

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Web Development / 12.05.2017

The world of IT calls for expert opinions, in-depth knowledge, modern tools and hands-on experience to build the next awesome websites, mobile apps and cloud solutions. Just like choosing the right ingredient for making a

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Helpful Resources / 11.05.2017

Mobile apps are almost everything to your business in today’s digitalized era. Just like you have to upgrade and brush-up your knowledge and keep yourself stuffed with the latest insights and ideas in and around

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