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Mobile App Development / 05.12.2019

(1)Same-day shipping delays, (2) lapsed customer service response, (3) slow load times, just to name a few, can cause absolute havoc! While surviving without Google or Amazon delivery information and products look unflinching in current

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Web Development / 04.12.2019

How can you ensure that your e-commerce business is the right fit for your company? It requires substantial effort to build a socially responsible e-commerce platform brand that can be even more challenging than a

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Mobile App Development / 16.05.2019

Learn here how to do A/B testing of your mobile app.

Helpful Resources / 28.11.2019

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework for rendering Android and iOS applications. It is preferred due to the ease of development, easy loading, high performance and cost reduction due to its ability to run across

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Mobile App Development / 27.11.2019

Internet dating has been popular ever since its inception and emergence of various mobile devices but it is still an embarrassing thing to talk about. But for those who are fond of new adventures and

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Mobile App Development / 26.11.2019

Absence of standard specifications and requirements might make development teams feel hopelessly irrepressible and sweep through the SDLC like a whirlwind. Another way around, having a well-structured app requirements document is an absolute delight that

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Mobile App Development / 25.11.2019

Apple Pay Payments are one of the securest ways of paying online. Apple Pay contains multiple layers of dynamic encryption and is also protected to TouchID that is Apple’s fingerprint technology. Right since its inception,

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Mobile App Development / 21.11.2019

Finding a suitable mobile app architecture has always been difficult as it has to be scoped with the nature of the application to be built. It tells us if the things are going in the

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News & Events / 20.11.2019

Konstant celebrates art, creativity, and diversity every first Saturday of the month. Every sponsored event is based on a theme selected per the festivals and season, offering a mix of knowledge and entertainment to the

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Helpful Resources / 14.11.2019

We’re all mature until someone brings out the bubble wrap, water color-filled guns, cites the mud water-filled pits or limping puppies, only I didn’t say fudge! How do you feel while standing in front of

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News & Events / 07.11.2019

Project managers and their teams often feel the pressure to deliver on time, within budget. The entire process often becomes confounding with strict timelines and lots of pressure. Going with the flow, when a tough

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