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Mobile App Development / 20.06.2019

It turns out to be a no-brainer if you can make it work. But that rarely applies to every brand. While it suits best for beer-heavy chains that can support that positioning with options like

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Helpful Resources / 17.06.2019

Python is an open-source, high level, a general-purpose programming language that is used to build scalable and robust web applications. It is for the similar and few more reasons like scalability and readability that the

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Mobile App Development / 01.08.2018

A whitepaper on the cost of developing a secure messaging application taking Telegram App as the benchmark.

Mobile App Development / 10.06.2019

Seeking budget option, convenience and on-demand grooming service might seem to be an example of compensatory justifications to some, others who have been witness to this in their own settings might believe the fact that

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Helpful Resources / 06.06.2019

I asked: “Hey Siri, do you know Alexa?” Siri replied: “I offer no resistance to helpful assistants!” Reminiscing “Hierarchy of Anticipation” by Robert Stephens, one of the co-founders of Assist – The automated assistant platform for

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Mobile App Development / 30.05.2019

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.” – By Aesop. Catering is the provision of online food orders via a catering service apps. All quotations and pricing possibilities are

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Technology / 29.05.2019

One of the reasons started their journey into the clouds is they were only using about 16% of their available server resources, with about 90% more or less just “going to waste” waiting for

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Web Development / 27.05.2019

The omnipresence of JavaScript and quickness of Node, have made each other match up well and propelled latter in terms of the installed base. The JavaScript + Node combo provides an opportunity for the developers

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Mobile App Development / 23.05.2019

Half of the tech-boom of the past decade is the result of the on-demand companies that cater to various industry niches. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the utility of ever growing internet, e-shopping

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Technology / 22.05.2019

As all great endeavors start with a question. Every business, at some point, faces the same question, regardless of the industry niches they target or position that they occupy. How to get better at what

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Mobile App Development / 21.05.2019

Flowers can be one of the perfect ways to express creativity. Explaining what is the best flower delivery service, Nina Federoff, American molecular biologist known for her research in life sciences and biotechnology, aptly said,

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