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Mobile App Development / 18.02.2019

Uber, a San Francisco based Ride hailing platform has surprised riders ever since its inception owing to its disruptive technology, explosive growth, and constant controversy – having emerged as the most fascinating thing in car-pooling.

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Mobile App Development / 14.02.2019

Off late there has been an increasing demand to have a marketplace providing all facilities under its umbrella. People continuously look for a place where they can shop across multiple categories with one app –

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Digital Marketing / 21.07.2016

As per Google, 97% of users worldwide access the Internet to search for brands and local businesses and the services they offer. If the major portion of your customers is online, you should certainly go online.

Mobile App Development / 08.02.2019

Straightening out the complexities, Uber was born in 2009 (Co-founders: Travis Kalanick + Garrett Camp; CEO: Dara Khosrowshahi), and has since then sailed across various markets and industries to become a premier ride-hailing platform, a

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Mobile App Development / 07.02.2019

While (1) Market Research, (2) Strategic Marketing, (3) Intuitive User Experience, (4) Defect Testing, (5) Feedback System, (6) Customization, (7) Simplicity, (8) Social Media Share-ability, (9)Elimination of Clicks, (10) Analytics are some essential features required

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Mobile App Development / 28.01.2019

The ionic framework is an Open-Source SDK, a library of UI Components that is popularly used to create hybrid mobile applications. Built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, these components are re-usable elements that serve as

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Mobile App Development / 23.01.2019

It’s difficult to determine which Fantasy football apps will score a free kick setting up a knockout stage meeting. Best fantasy football apps are sure to add some firepower by reuniting friends (like-minded people) via

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Mobile App Development / 22.01.2019

Technology has definitely face-lifted the travel and tourism industry. Travel app development companies have started making use of manageable mobile apps that has eased out travel planning for people. It is now easy to make

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Mobile App Development / 21.01.2019

Doubtlessly, these days, mobile app development is considered to be a fast track passage to reach target audience in comparison to web application development. Having a framework is important in creating goals for your strategy.

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Mobile App Development / 18.01.2019

None of the customers these days want to be served with one-size-fits-all experience. There has to be an event platform that allows attendees to have a view of the event on their terms. Having a

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Mobile App Development / 17.01.2019

A little glow, a bit of glitter, a lotta love! Dating applications are more than just being the next door relationship app or the hookup app. Bumble, OKCupid (OKC), Badoo, Happn, Hinge, Tinder are just

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