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Through our directory app development expertise and experience, we create the next generation of store finders, restaurant locators, city guides and employee information finder, employee locator and applications that include multiple listings for local businesses, properties, vehicles, jobs and more for desktop, web, Android and iOS. Some of the solutions we offer in this category include:

  • Membership Directories
  • Business Listing Management
  • Review Sites and Mobile Apps
  • Restaurant Guides
  • Location-based Directory Apps
  • Enterprise Directory Apps

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On boarding

Personalized as per the demands of the customer. An interesting and simple app walkthrough is encouraged. From approval to authentication, everything is possible with few taps.

  • Introduction
  • Authentication
  • Personal Info
  • Verification
on boarding

On boarding

Smoother and seamless on boarding for business user is taken care on the set. Business users can easily connect with the customer as all screens are managed well for better authentication and thorough user verification.

  • Introduction
  • Authentication
  • Service Info
  • Verification
businnes on boarding

Service Selection and Management

Customer can choose by selecting the service categories and sub categories as per requirements.

  • Select Service type
  • Sub services
service selection and management

Service Selection and Management

Business user can directly and dynamically manage (create, edit, delete and match) the array of services provided, their selection by the user from admin account.

  • Select service and sub service
  • Provide details (Location contact operating hours)
  • Manage business details
  • Post new announcements
business service selection and managment

Category and Sub-Category Management

Users are allowed to search by category and sub-category to narrow down their searches.

  • Search by category
  • Search by sub-category
category and sub category management

Category and Sub-Category Management

Admin can edit/add/modify/delete any number of categories and sub categories from the backend.

  • Add or edit a category name
  • Add subcategories in a category type
businnes category and sub category management

Browse Services

Filters by location, availability, industry type can be applied while browsing, which gives a more refined and seamless experience.

  • Filter services (Location/Availability/ Type/Industry/Department)
  • Go through service details and pricing
  • Provide review and rating
browse services

Social Netwoking

Users can directly like, follow, share the product, place, service they choose from the directory on their social media to inform and suggest to their family and friends.

  • Follow business which you like
  • Get notification when they have new announcements
  • Upload photos on a business
  • Mention your friends in photos
  • Comments
  • Tag your friends in comments
social networking

Push notification

User will get notification for each important event, update in the directory via email or message from the business user.

  • New announcement from the business
  • New follow request
  • Photo mentions
  • Tags
push notification

Push notification

Business admin will be notified for all the user activities on social media, review and rating if done from the directory application. Also, any new photo upload in any category is also notified to the business user.

  • New follow request
  • New likes
  • New photo uploads
  • New reviews and rating
business push notification
Simple and user-friendly UI/UX

Online search made easy and quick

We’ve been building directories over a decade, so we’re pretty good at it. Our development ways are reliable and produce the finest results in the end. The best is the customization we offer to businesses across industries and organizations- we’ll build the best solutions to connect with the local audience.



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