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Appealing front-end solutions
with HTML5 app development


Best in the industry HTML5 app development

HTML5 mobile app development
with impressive and innovative solutions

HTML5 is all about mobility and imparting a great user experience. The days of Flash are gone and developers have picked up HTML5. The demand for mobility is constantly rising and businesses want to develop apps that cater to popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, etc. This is where we take the upgraded functions of HTML5 and provide users with the experience of a native app. Our HTML5 web development and HTML5 mobile app development offerings include the following:

  • Custom Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise App Development
  • Games & Widget Development
  • Customization & Integration
  • Maintenance & Support

Future-ready HTML5 web & mobile solutions


Konstant has a proven track record with previous versions of HTML and the same goes for our proficiency in HTML5. Our dedicated team of HTML5 programmers has refined and honed skills to perfection. Our developers work passionately to achieve set targets and practice new techniques and tools to keep up with the industry’s pace.

Why choose HTML5 for
front-end development

Cleaner Markup

It enables web designers to use neater code paradigm by replacing div tags with semantic HTML5 elements.

Elegant Elements

Built-in fancier elements steal the show that include forms, text inputs, search bars and more.

Rich Experience

With HTML5, the gap between the browser and the desktop can be bridged for an enhanced user experience.

Rich Media Support

It eradicates the requirement of downloading a plug-in to watch a video, hence providing support for audio & video elements.

Offline App Cache

HTML5 application development allows loading of the previously visited page even when the user is temporarily offline.

Mobile Optimized

HMTL5 mobile app development offers phenomenal compatibility across devices and screens.


The web page is structured in a more consistent fashion with HTML5 by designers and developers.

Geolocation Support

The geolocation API makes location available to any HTML5-compatible browser-based application.



Olaotan Towry-Coker, Owner

The Afritickets platform provides a full suite of integrated marketing and ticke...

Peter Pagano, Owner

Fitvil can help you find and manage membership to local fitness and training gro...

Dustin Rivest, Owner

A health tracker tool, which keeps users informed about their health.

Gasha Alawani, Communication Manager

" Konstant Infosolutions understands company goals well and can make valuable suggestions to achieve the underlying company vision. When given a clear task, they deliver high-quality work on time, consistently. Their responsiveness could be quicker, but they otherwise need little supervision.

Oscar, Co-Founder

" They are always open to feedback and quick in making any changes required. They always make sure that the project is delivered according to the expectation. "

Jorrit Hertsenberg, Founder & CEO

" The partnership has worked well because of Konstant Infosolution’s attention to tight deadlines, their willingness to test and retest each solution, and their overall positive attitude toward the work. No matter the project, they are extremely professional and competent.

Kyle Bagley, Founder

" I have been working with Konstant for 5 years now. I keep coming back to them because I know my entire project is in good hands. From wireframing to QA testing, they deliver a great product each time. What do you like most about the company?
Willingness to work hard to meet deadlines. What they should improve on?
I would like a good product management portal to post bugs and roadmap items. "

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