Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you can find the list of frequently asked questions about Konstant Infosolutions and their answers. If you have any query related to Konstant, please scroll below and if you are looking for something else, you may contact us here.

What is the difference between a Native App and a Web Based App?

Native apps are engineered for a specific platform like iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc. They are developed using the native Software Development Kits (SDKs) and can use some specific device features.

Web-based apps on the other hand, run on the mobile browser and are developed to provide the look and feel of native mobile apps. Web based apps are capable of providing uniform user experience (UX) across multiple platforms.

Do you develop mobile apps for all platforms?

Yes, we design and develop mobile applications across all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. We also provide cross-platform services for running a single app over multiple platforms using tools like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Titanium, etc.

Can I make changes in my app after delivery or launch? Do you upload the application to the required app store? What framework or language will you use for the application development? Do you also provide services for marketing mobile apps? Is it possible to develop an app that works on all platforms like iOS devices, Android, Windows Phones, etc? Can you use the graphics or UI that I have created? Does your company guarantee that Apple will not reject the app developed by you? Do I require Hosting or Website to get a mobile application developed? What are web services / APIs? Can I test the application during its development? How can I get my app listed in the "New and Noteworthy" section? Is there a set standard of costs when it comes to building a mobile app? How long will you take to develop my app? Can my app function without an internet connection? What benefits does a mobile app enjoy over a mobile website? How much technical work is involved at my end to develop my app?
How do I contact Konstant for my hiring needs?

Our hiring process is simple and hassle free. All that is required at your end is to contact us and have a discussion regarding your needs and requirements. We will analyze them and contact you back ASAP, after which we will advise you on the most suitable engagement model for your project.

What different Engagement Models do you offer? Is it possible for me to select my preferred developer to hire?

Yes, Konstant provides clients with the option to select the developer they think best suits their project needs. We forward a list of the most suitable candidates to the client, who can then choose which one they want to work with. However, this option is only available in the Dedicated Resource Model. To gain detailed information on our Dedicated Resources Model, please click here.

Is there a limit to the number of developers I can hire at a time?

No, you may hire as many developers as you require based on your project scope and requirements. Simple projects can be handled by a single developer with relative ease. If you project is large and complex, you retain the option to hire several developers at once. We offer our advice upon the number of developers you may require after a detailed analysis of your project.

How can I communicate with my developer? What happens in case my developer is on sick or casual leave? What is the minimum period of time that I can hire a Dedicated Developer? Can I add, deduct or modify my objectives during a projects development in the case of hired developers? I have all the documentation, project scope and requirements ready and defined. Now what? Can I personally interview a developer before I hire him/her for my project? Is it possible for me to use your resources for a certain number of hours in a week? Does Konstant provide a project coordinator? Can I hire developers to work for my timezone? What is the reporting schedule that Konstant developers follow? Please explain the "Hire Dedicated Developer" concept? I like the Dedicated Developer concept and want to take it further. What do I do? Are the developers employees of Konstant Infosolutions? How experienced are the technical professionals? What happens if I have problems with my assigned developer? Do the developer(s) sigh a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? What is Konstant Infosolutions preferred mode of payment? Do I pay for a developer's vacation, leaves or holidays? Why should I select the Dedicated Developer option? How do I know that the programmers are working for me? How do ensure quality of designers/ developers?
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