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Wordpress Website and Plugin Development

Wordpress has revolutionized the blogging and Content Management System (CMS) world and is considered one of the best CMS tools out there. Its greatest advantage is that it is an open source technology, which means it is free for all to use and is continuously updated by contributors from around the world. Wordpress showcases an extremely easy to use architecture and offers customization in templates which has led to its rise in popularity. Yet another salient feature of Wordpress is that it is based off PHP and MySQL programming, which makes it an indispensible tool for CMS projects.

Enjoy the power of Wordpress with Konstant

Wordpress as a Content Management System offers nearly unlimited possibilities. The most feasible feature offered by Wordpress as a CMS is that it can be used to add, edit or alter your content as per your needs. The process to do so is easy and does an extremely basic knowledge of programming. Moreover, Wordpress is an open source technology, which means it is free for your use and comes with plug-in and widget packages for all your needs.

  • Offered for use under an open source license, which means it is free of charge
  • Websites using Wordpress as a CMS enjoy SEO benefits
  • Offers a large community of users that provide support
  • Requires only a basic knowledge of programming and PHP
  • Powerful, flexible and very easy to learn and use
For over 13 years we have delivered more than 3,500+ projects for
2,550+ customers worldwide.

Our Services - Wordpress CMS Development Company

The aim of Konstant Infosolutions is to provide highly feasible solutions to clients at extremely competitive rates. Our expertise in Wordpress development is second to none. Our highly experienced and driven Wordpress Development team provides clients with solutions that are engineered with revenue generation in mind.

We provide Wordpress development services around the following fronts:

  • Database creation for use by Wordpress
  • Installation and integration of a Wordpress themes
  • Wordpress based SEO services
  • Wordpress support
  • Exclusive and custom plug-ins optimized as per your needs

Advantages with Konstant

Konstant Infosolutions is always on the lookout for technology that makes it easier and more affordable for clients to power their websites. This is the reason we have mastered the use of Wordpress as a CMS and offer more than 30+ experienced and dedicated developers to help you with your CMS needs.

30+ highly skilled experts to cater to your Wordpress development needs.

Ability to create tailor-made plug-ins and widgets to suit clients business needs.

5+ years of experience in open source CMS development.

Highly competitive pricing packages.

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