Project Communication Strategy
Project Communication

Project Communication Strategy

Communication is the most crucial and critical important part of any project. There is no doubt that the success of every project depends on the communication skills and techniques up to a great extent.

We have delivered countless overseas projects successfully; therefore, we understand and can adjust ourselves according to the client's work environment and project requirement. Here are some highlights of Konstant Info project communication strategy:

  • 1
  • Project Analysis Once the client defines the project requirement and plan, we move ahead for initial development. We share the project SRS with our website development for detail analysis, research, fact findings, and design workflow design to under stand the requirement and scope of the project.
  • 2
  • Work Allocation Next stage, we assign tasks among the team members according to the project requirement and specialization of team members. We share complete details of project manager and team leaders to clients so that they can communicate directly with them during the execution phase.
  • 3
  • Multiple Means but Single point to communicate We maintain a single point of communication to ensure clarity and effective interaction. However, in certain cases, a client can contact any individual team member to handle any specific issues. We use Skype, Email, Messengers, and phone to interact with our national and international clients.
  • 4
  • Documentation & Strategy Formation Once drawn up, we document the project detail and make it easily accessible for everyone's reference.
  • 5
  • Privacy & Security We understand that detail, and communication is extremely sensitive. All team members working at Konstant Infosolutions are bound to keep the information within the office.
  • 6
  • Online Project Management We use 'My Project Desk' online project management software to increase the work efficiency and accessibility among all involved such as client, project manager, team leaders and team members.
  • 7
  • Effective Online Interface At Konstant Infosolution, we combine our interaction process with clear escalation procedures to resolve any issues if occurred.
  • 8
  • Weekly/ Fortnightly Reviews We believe that regular review of work is important to maintain the quality. According to client's convenience and project requirement, we schedule the meeting on the weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • 9
  • Proper Documentation We document everything. Our documentation process includes procedures, feedbacks, and also consolidation of all resources to ensure easy sharing and references.
  • 10
  • Post Maintenance Support We do robust testing before handing over the project to ensure smooth functioning. Apart from this, we also provide round the clock support to maintain the performance.

    We are always ready to schedule meeting at any stage during the execution if a client wants. We believe that right and effective communication is the key ingredient for successful project execution. Therefore, we always incorporate efficient and transparent communication channels to share the information in real-time.
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