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We have delivered over 10,000+ open source solutions to clients across 110 countries in the past 5 years. See how we can help your business grow in the digital marketplace.

The Smartphone world has expanded like anything and it has almost been a big bang theory that has caused chaos everywhere forcing every mobile manufacturing brand to drift that way. The customizable ability of the open source platform for Android has led way to many innovative thinkers coming out with new ideas for applications that users can use on a daily basis.

App Strategy and Prototyping Services

App Strategy is a key for mobile app development to be successful and eventual to become a formidable one. Therefore building a concept is an important aspect that lays the foundation for design integration. Once that is accomplished, a prototype can be made and tested.

Developing a prototype is vital because it provides an insight into how the app would eventually look and feel and whether or not the client is satisfied with it or needs some gap to be addressed.

While it is true that an idea can change your life, ideas are not enough as they need the tools and the vision to be taken forward and made into a concrete app. That is exactly what Konstant Infosolutions provides by delivering materialized mobile strategy.

Why Do you need an App Prototype?

  • Refine Ideas before making app development investment
  • Determine the scope of App and its capacity for lucrative results.
  • Get funding for the app development
  • Documentation for developers and investors
  • Get Feedback before developing an app
  • Codify brand

Outcome of App Prototyping

What benefits you will get from employing our App Prototyping and Strategy Services? Well, after 2 week(s) of hard work from our end, you will be granted a rough draft of what your app would feel like post development.

Some of the deliverables offered after prototyping are:

  • Prototype, wireframes and mock-ups
  • Technical Architecture
  • Business context model and documentation (Including challenges and solutions)
  • Executive presentation
  • Scenario documentation
  • Estimates related to costs and timelines

App Prototyping Packages

Based on the need and budget of the client along with the scale of mobile application, clients can choose one of the three App prototype packages namely Silver, Gold and Platinum kick-start.

  • Silver kick start is the most affordable package that provides two meetings of one hour duration each and delivers up to 6 screenshots for the prototype.
  • For a more upgraded insight, there is Gold kick-start that includes four one hour meetings providing up to 10 screenshots.
  • Most comprehensive and preferred package for high end applications is platinum kick-start, that garners six one hour meetings featuring up to 15 screenshots.

All these packages would also provide scheduling and budgeting of the entire project along with high level wire framing. Starter branding, logo and splash screens are also provided along with interactive prototype creation.

Why Choose Konstant Infosolutions?

It is one thing to have a creative idea that may or may not take the shape of an actual application but to make it concrete and feasible in terms of execution and implementation is a different story altogether. That is exactly what Konstant Infosolutions provides through creation of wireframes and providing an App mock-up as an after effect of App Prototypes. We have an experience of over 6 years in the field of mobile app development and have worked with various Android, Windows and iOS apps along with many others. With an experience base ranging over 300+ apps in our kitty, Konstant Infosolutions provides effective output that meets the desired needs of the client with accuracy.

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