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Reduce developmental expenses by creating cross platform applications
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The global mobile market currently sees a lot of players in the field. We have market giants like Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and many more competing with each other by coming up with new products and ideas. This leaves business who wish to capitalize on this trend, in a bit of a quandary. Which platform should one select for the development and deployment of an app? What if your target audience is spread over various platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, etc.? Developing dedicated applications over all the platforms is a costly and time consuming task. This is where Cross Platform app development comes in.

Cross Platform Development - Code Once, Run on all Platforms

With Cross Platform development, business can utilize hybrid apps that can run on a large variety of platforms, which not only reduces the development costs and time consumption, but also ensures that your app reaches a wider range of target audiences. Additionally, developing a multi-platform application is a highly versatile business strategy offering a wide variety of tools like HTML5, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and many others for hybrid app development purposes. Implementing cross platform in application development is significant because of various reasons:

  • Affordable development costs
  • Distribution over a wide range of platforms
  • Easier to market your products
  • Faster development process
For over 8+ years we have delivered more than 300+ Applications for
2,550+ customers worldwide.

Konstant Services on Cross Platform App Development

We, at Konstant Infosolutions consider it our moral obligation to ensure that our clients avail our services in a manner that maximizes their benefit. Our cross platform developers are highly skilled and have worked on a number of projects, successfully delivering top-notch apps around the world, while ensuring the total satisfaction of our clients.

We offer Cross Platform development services on the following fronts:

Advantages with Konstant

Konstant Infosolutions is an industry leader when it comes to the development and deployment of cross platform applications. We have worked on several projects and provided our clients with high quality deliverables. We consider our development skills to be a cut above the rest.

In-Depth knowledge of cross platform development frameworks.

Comprehensive understanding of hybrid app development

Focus on new and upcoming cross platform technology

User rating of 9.8/10 by over 600 clients

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