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Konstant Infosolutions is your eCommerce website expert with over 13 years of in-house experience to power online sales and transactions of several businesses. We are a pioneering eCommerce website development company to offer effectual online business design and development solutions for small, medium and large scale enterprise.

Hosting a business website is a must-have now, and for that professional web design, you need an expert to generate traffic and sales for you. If you’re still thinking of taking your commerce online, you certainly need to rush as your competitors are already on the web. For those shopping stores who are already online, it's time to revamp your website with the latest trends and engage vast audiences across the globe.

Our ecommerce Development Services

You have the power and liberty to sell everything online. The magic of e-commerce has changed people’s lifestyles entirely as they find too much convenience in not just buying/shopping but for exchange, returns, offers and discounts, 24*7 customer support and much more. It is one of the most competitive industries to be no matter what is being sold.

We’ve worked as a eCommerce development company on thousands of eCommerce projects and understand what it takes to generate business for a shopping website. Having a technical finesse in designing and development of a website, our team works for providing platform features like alluring home pages, brilliant click functionality, interactive and user-friendly traversing and scrolling, simplified data and order management, multi-store capabilities, secure checkouts, and more. The aim is to make shopping easy and straight forward for your customers adding on to their satisfaction and delight.

For a brand to grow its shoppers, it’s not just going online but creating an award-winning design and advanced functionality. This is what we care to implement. Quality, strength, uniqueness and flexibility of a shopping website are most important factors that Konstantinfo team guarantees. Further, we use top trending eCommerce platforms for developing your website.

For over 13 years we have delivered more than 3,500+ projects for
2,550+ customers worldwide.

Why Choose Konstant for Your Next eCommerce Website?

At Konstantinfo, our devout team has excellent foresightedness to what modern customers expect from a shopping website and thus, they focus on including following features:

Material Design

Vibrant, content focused design for playful experience. To save lot of screen space and clean clutter from the website, our designers and developers make use of hidden menu functionality. Further, adding rich animations like icon rotation, button spins and loading bars adds to user’s excitement while shopping and leave a memorable impact.

Real-time Marketing Strategy

Large, real-looking product backgrounds look processional and eye-catching to audience like full page background or videos or animated banners on homepage. To develop a strong visual brand identity among potential customers, we make use of typography tools and also use storytelling content for increased user engagement.

Responsive eCommerce

Developing for large screens (desktops/laptops) that are optimized to fit into mobile and tablet views. For a futuristic approach, we provide responsive design for extending the shopping portal to varied mobile platforms like tablet, Smartphone, wearables. Future scope of building a mobile-centric application that supports the built eCommerce model.

Customized Development

Our team focuses on offering optimized and improved website functionality through perfectly developed plug-in modules to fit to your business needs. Use of an array of highly interactive functions on the shopping cart to enhance the business productivity and customization to match the current changing trends, delivering out-of-the-box services.

Creating Marketplaces

Moving ahead in the race, we enforce multi-vendor eCommerce to help you create your own marketplace. Vendors receive personal dashboards to upload their inventories on your website. This marks a brilliant and productive extension to your online business. You can provide a vast product catalog with varied brands and thus, growing your sales.

Dynamic Searching

Ajax and JavaScript-powered search to show products dynamically is also a compelling, new feature that we incorporate in your shopping website. We’ll help develop an expert payment gateway system to increase customer convenience for varied eCommerce frameworks. Further, smart and scalable shipping and fulfilment is developed.

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