5 Major Changes in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6

This article takes you through the 5 major changes in web development that ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 have brought in.

Over the years, there are a lot of changes happened in and around web development technologies and ASP.NET and MVC are not exceptions. If we talk about ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 in particular, they have been rebuilt from scratch to support the fast-changing approaches and technological compliances modern services and web resources support. In this process to build harmony with the newer technology propositions they have transcended into a totally new format of offering – available as cross-platform; open-source and works both on the cloud as well as on-premise. And as per the matter of the fact, ASP.NET 5 is considered as the most significant release made till date by .NET framework.

Here is the glimpse of the ever-momentous changes and updates made in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6:

1. ASP.NET on Linux and OSX:

Here’s the most important update for those who have struggled to concurrently involve and operate with multiple operating systems or those who switched to other systems and wanted to work with .NET framework with better pace and capacity. ASP.NET 5 works equally efficiently and smoothly with Linux, OSX, and Windows. Which allows new developers to open up to the technology and adopt it without a second thought, thus shooting up the popularity and acceptance of the framework to a higher level.

2. No Web Forms and Visual Basic:

You will find no WebForms and VB is the new .NET. However, you can still access and create apps of Web Form through Visual Studio with .Net framework 4.6if so required. Which opens you up to the previous option too. But don’t expect to get the benefit of new features that would be otherwise available, if you opt to go with the latest .NET. As .NET 5 only supports C# and not Visual Basic.

3. Support for Client-Side development:

If you ask any seasoned developer about which client-side framework is best suited to create Single Page Applications (SPAs), you will get AngularJS as an undisputed answer. And ASP.NET 5 is all-tuned with AngularJS to allow you to create SPAs seamlessly.

With ASP.NET you get to work with tag helpers. Which is another reason you should take it up for effortlessly creating views in a far better way as compared to MVC helpers. Further, with GruntJS it allows developers to create, concatenate and minify CSS and JavaScript files. Also, with added support for the Bower, it allows developers to distribute multiple client-side resources without any lags or hold-ups.

4. Unified Web API and MVC Controllers and View Components:

The class used by Web API controllers and MVC controllers are unified and use same routes in MVC 6. Also, MVC 6 returns an IActionResult through controllers. Which allows you to use it as data when the controller of Web API is used. Further, in this setting MVC 6 doesn’t have the subcontrollers. Instead, view components are included in MVC 6. Also, it holds a different technology known as View Components rather than the Html.Action helper method.

5. ASP.NET Dependency injection and xUnit.net:

ASP.NET 5 offers support to the design of Service Locator and the dependency injection. Which means, now there is no need to take help of third party Dependency Injection frameworks like AutoFac and Ninject. This has really made it easy for ASP.NET developers to put up with the development resources and they just need to declare the required dependency in the constructor.

Moreover, there is no legacy testing framework in ASP.NET 5 as it contains xUnit.net framework for testing. Previously two attributes known as [TestMethod] and [TestClass] were used to describe a unit test but now with xUnit.net [Fact] attribute has replaced [TestMethod] attribute and there’s no [TestClass] existing anymore.

Here’s an example:

public class Tests
public void SumofNumbers ()
// Arrange
vartestcalculator = new Calculator ();
// Act
var result = testcalculator. SumofNumbers (1, 1);
// Assert
Assert. Equal (result, 13);


This article explains the major changes that ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 have brought to allow ASP.NET development companies to build and deploy applications from scratch. Also, as they offer latest services that are designed to suit changed ASP.NET development needs to make it more helpful and effortless in approach and execution.

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