7 Most Loved Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for Companies

On-demand services are evolving so do the technology associated with them. Enterprises look to streamline tasks within an organization through cross-platform mobile development. Hence, we list down top tools so that you can make most out of the situation.

Enterprise mobility is on the rise. Work culture has been revamped since the dominance of gadgets and smartphones in our lives.

The mobile revolution has impacted quite a few domains. One such domain is the enterprise mobility, which has asked organizations to switch ways of operation if they want to excel with the ever-changing market trends.

The use of mobile devices has grown significantly in the recent past demanding a more liberal work culture to be adopted by the companies around the globe. Also, the companies catering users with on-demand and on-call services want a mechanism that can streamline the whole system at work.

Here’s where cross-platform mobile apps for enterprises come in the picture. An easy, simple yet effective way to monitor, analyze and streamline jobs at work. Not only this, but it adds to the overall productivity of the employees allowing them to perform to the max of their capabilities.

Increased productivity means more tasks done, which ultimately indicates to increased revenue. The ultimate goal achieved for the enterprises. Isn’t it?

What are the tools to get the cross-platform apps underway? We have covered the same in the following section.


Xamarin has performed exceptionally well since its inception and even attracted technology leaders like Microsoft. Tracking Xamarin’s popularity and realizing its potential, which this tool was gaining, Microsoft acquired Xamarin in February 2016.

Several reasons letting it take lead over others include sharing code compatibility, native APIs, backend integration and ability to add new components directly from the user interface. It enables developers to use single shared C# codebase (written in C#) for multiple platforms- iOS, Android and Windows.

It also has its own knowledge base for developers to learn from named Xamarin University program.


Owned, managed and run by the industry’s giant, Adobe, PhoneGap is a cloud-based open-source solution provider that’s aiding developers to build exceptional cross-platform applications. It allows developers to code once and deploy to multiple platforms via set of open-source device APIs called Cordova.

The single code approach leverages developers in coding applications using CSS, JavaScript and HTML languages, which further allow them to host them locally. Later, they can be devised to various mobile platforms.

Supporting multiple platforms for app building like Android, Windows, iOS and more, it offers a hydration feature, which helps in faster debugging.


Appcelerator uses JavaScript codebase to build apps that are platform independent. It allows developers to write the code once, which later can be implemented to different operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. It offers real-time analytics for the apps being developed, which adds further value to it, as a cross-platform tool. The combination of a mobile app with real-time analytics can be a lethal weapon in monitoring lags and productivity issues amongst the organization. It’s certainly a go-to tool for a number of developers.


Another popular tool for building apps for enterprises at a faster pace is Sencha. It grants developers the ease of developing a HTML5 mobile app framework called Sencha Touch. It gives developers the power to develop apps on-the-go, which are not only platform independent but are also capable of providing rich user experience.

Supporting all the major platforms like Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android, it offers a reliable and simplified framework that’s potent to deliver results.


It is one of the oldest names in the development domain. However, due to its confused approach in making cross-platform apps it went off track. But, the company has done some crucial changes to ease down the things a bit and to a certain extent, it has managed to achieve the same.

The single HTML5 codebase can be used to develop enterprise applications that are independent of the platform as well as the browser.


Yet another efficient tool to get the tasks done is Kony, which is potent to serve heavily populated organizations with varied mobile devices. It offers scalable cloud services, analytics reports and a bucketful of testing tools for improved development and deployment.

The cloud on offer can either be private or public as per the business owner’s demand. There are three major offerings with Kony including Visualizer for design capabilities, Studio for visual development tools and code implementation and finally a Kony Management for deployment.


A powerful and effective tool for building quality enterprise apps is Alpha Anywhere. Capable of producing cross-platform apps for all the major operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows in addition to Macs and Personal Computers, it makes use of JavaScript and HTML5 codebase to achieve intended results.

It allows users to access the app in offline mode as well, which makes it stand tall against the competitors prevailing in the market.

Final Words

A fully-functional app requires a perfect blend of skilled manpower and optimized utilization of the available resources. We, at Konstant Infosolutions, follow the same approach and ensure our clients’ urge gets satisfied. Feel free to comment your favorite tool in the section below and hopefully we’d share it in detail in our upcoming write-ups.

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