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News & Events / 21.08.2019

While the planning effort conducted by the project team turned out to be the determinant, zAmerican project success can be characterized by adequate communication, decent planning, proper and timely estimation, and correct scheduling. As we

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Mobile App Development / 20.08.2019

The slow evolution of Java has led to an increasing interest in JVM languages. There must be more than 50 JVM languages (some high-profile, some implementations of existing languages, some new languages with JVM implementations),

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Digital Marketing / 21.07.2016

As per Google, 97% of users worldwide access the Internet to search for brands and local businesses and the services they offer. If the major portion of your customers is online, you should certainly go online.

Mobile App Development / 08.08.2019

Holidays overwhelm during crunch time when almost everyone rushes to get their hotels booked. Later, banks upon the idea and offer visitors discounts through certain travel apps, rather than letting their hotel rooms go empty.

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Mobile App Development / 31.07.2019

Making decisions can be rough but it’s important to keep in mind that options are always around. Even if we don’t like them (exactly), the more we practice something, the luckier we get. The way

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Mobile App Development / 25.07.2019

Undoubtedly, Android or iOS app development is the kind of runaway smash hit that techies spend their careers dreaming about. When we unbox an Android device, we need to sign-up to some nine accounts with

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Helpful Resources / 15.07.2019

What is the TikTok app? This is a music video social media platform which has heaved upward in popularity recently (2018-19). It is free to use, giving youngsters a medium to acknowledge their freedom of

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Mobile App Development / 11.07.2019

The digital balloon is inflating at an unprecedented rate. Technologists are constantly working to upgrade the existing levels of systems deployed and techniques used. Just like they brought smartphones and mobile apps in the operational

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Mobile App Development / 10.07.2019

Courier delivery services automate the process of logistics and shipping the parcels via an app that manages and records all delivery updates. These essentially track all details of the courier cargo from Android or iOS

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Mobile App Development / 07.07.2019

You must have seen two local devices sharing small bits of data, near the point of sale terminals in shopping malls or cash counters in retail outlets. Such devices work on the lines of smart

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Mobile App Development / 27.06.2019

“How likely are you to recommend [App name] to a friend? Score us”. Many similar lines get displayed after completing a transaction on an e-Wallet application, or after successfully receiving an order from food delivery

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