Car Pooling and Ride Sharing Apps That Are Routing Heavy Competition by Their ‘Uber’ Counterparts

Newbie ride sharing applications are gearing up for the rivality directed by celebrated riding platforms like Uber and Lyft!

Uber, a San Francisco based Ride hailing platform has surprised riders ever since its inception owing to its disruptive technology, explosive growth, and constant controversy – having emerged as the most fascinating thing in car-pooling. It has now become highest valued startup company in the entire world navigating its way along the low fare options, ride-sharing (splitting the fare among passengers), regardless of where you go, its available in all sizes from Uber’s large sedan (UberXL), SUV(Uber SUV), Luxury car(LUX) to multiple mid-level cars.

Average monthly active users on Uber worldwide from 2016 to 2018 (in millions) for Uber

This statistics show average monthly users between (2016 and 2017) and gives a forecast for 2018. In 2018, the monthly number of Uber’s users worldwide is forecasted to reach 100 million, up from 75 million users in the previous years.

Although they have been sailing across, the roads have never been so smooth for Uber ever since. It has been enwrapped with controversies that have often knocked down its valuation from a lofty $70 billion to $48 billion in last funding round in Jan. They have been quick enough to announce tender offers that have bumped company’s value to $62 billion.

Features in Best Ride Sharing Apps

Essential features within a car-sharing app:

  • Outstation Travelling

It is important for every car-sharing application to have an Intercity (Outstation) Travelling Module these days. People frequently require to travel for work purpose or for leisure.

  • Daytime Packages

Lucrative day packages for traveling within the city (allowed within few kilometers and time), customers are charged accordingly. This feature turns out to be USP of the application as this gives users the liberty to imagine as if they are driving their own car, thus giving them a personalized experience.

  • Prime Membership

Uber provides prime membership to its riders, which is very unique from its counterparts like Grab, Lyft, Gett etc. Users can select one membership plan according to their needs.

  • Car Pooling

Managing Trip Parameters like a wheelchair for physically handicapped, a special car-seat for infants, can help riders experience a rich experience during the drive.

Top Car Sharing Applications 2019

With the increasing population, there has been a simultaneous increase in the number of smartphone users. With increasing complexities of day to day life, people are overburdened with a pressure to reach their destination on time and within budget. Not everyone can own a vehicle (car), but this cannot overdo their desires to avail the services provided by top car-hailing services. They often tend to go with available car-pooling options that display low fare options like Uberpool etc. Top taxi-booking apps in 2019:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Gett
  • Curb
  • Wingz
  • Bridj
  • Via
  • Arro
  • Flywheel
  • Juno (Taken by Gett)

Here is our pick on taxi-hailing apps that will continue making their mark as the best car sharing apps in upcoming years, besides Uber:



It was earlier known as Get Taxi. It is a global transportation company that connects people with transportation, goods, and services. Gett acquired another similar startup Juno when it started an equity structure that planned to give drivers 50 percent of driver’s equity.



Users can share car ride with Ola. Passes can be purchased for a flat fare ride to fixed destinations. This car sharing app accepts payments from all modes, is convenient for users who are looking for a low fare ride and can be flexible with the timings and car-pool option.



This car-sharing service is designed specifically for traveling between cities. It is suitable for the passengers who are ready to share the cost of the journey going in the same direction. With multiple payment options, the rides become even more convenient. As soon as the ride starts, the details are shared by a head center until the destination is reached.



This peer-to-peer car sharing service allows drivers to rent a car and works like a local car rental. Although it is way behind Uber and Lyft but is becoming popular among masses as it is convenient and economic.

Carma CarPooling


It is more of carpooling options rather than ridesharing option. It is convenient for people who are heading in the same direction and are ready to share the cab fare. The rides are fixed at $.20/mile, which implies that drivers do not make any profit.

Waze Carpool

waze carpool

This cabbing option allows the riders to choose their carpool buddies. It may be colleagues who are on the same shift or people who prefer to go on a prescribed cost and preferred route.

Concluding Words

These best ride sharing apps and carpooling apps have been built to make it easy for riders to travel from point A to point B, and are also making the future closer with self-driving technology, urban air transport and affordable. Such on-demand services have also removed barriers to healthcare, freight booking, tow-truck, beauty care, pet keeping, and babysitting by helping companies provide a seamless employee travel experience.

Customers always prefer convenience in whatever they do. Same applies to the services that they wish to avail. If you wish to provide the best taxi apps like Uber that has all above-mentioned features that a normal taxi booking app must have, then you can simply fill out the form and schedule your free consultation with our experts. It is fast and easy. Our developers will be upright with all possible solutions to all your taxi app development queries. We are recognized Mobile App Development Company with expertise in all ride sharing app development services.

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