Easy Steps to Create an Upbeat App Like Uber for Lawn Mowing

Apps like Uber for lawn mowing helps you get the most out of your lawn with professional service!

One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides. “I love not having to leave a cheque under the mat anymore and getting a picture emailed to me on each mow. This solves the problem of disappearing lawn guy. The lawn mowing service that I hired shows up like clockwork”, chuckles a happy user of yet another Uber – “for lawn mowing app”

Such Uber for Yard work and snow shoveling are incredible, they help you get your lawn cut the same day. Your ‘May’ Lawn “To do” list might look long, but can be stroked out in a couple of hours!

It is obvious that every lawn grows in a different pattern. Everyone might require a customized lawn mowing service that adapts service providers with service seekers, according to emerging needs. Cutting the long story short, if you’re really tired of unreliable local lawn care services, get a free quote now! But there are some amazing reasons (random + might differ according to needs) to choose this service, read through:

  • Having trouble growing grass?
  • How to over-seed your lawn?
  • How to get rid of Crabgrass?
  • Tips to use compost on lawns
  • Repairing and seeding a thin or damaged lawn
  • Brown lawn care: Reasons for dying grass and how to treat
  • How to create a level lawn?
  • How to revive a brown lawn with patching, over-seeding, mowing, raised beds
  • How to fix a lawn full of weeds?
  • Top dressing an after winter lawn
  • Leveling a bumpy lawn
  • Identifying common lawn pests and treating them
  • How to plant grass seeds?
  • Smart spring yard cleanup
  • Want advice for top dressing a lawn, level and fertilize it?
  • How to apply milky spore in vegetable gardens?
  • Stopping weeds naturally or by using the cardboard sheet mulching method
  • How to grow grass fast?
  • Repairing bald spots

This write-up is going to help both startups as well as enterprises, who are looking to have their own app for lawn mowing and plowing. Premier lawn mowing services include – Mowing the lawn, cleaning the yard, aeration, seeding, leveling and watering in addition to three essential features (discussed below) that need to be considered while creating an app like mows and plows.

1. Mowing of Lawn

lawn mowing
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One problem with Lawn service app is that these can be difficult to find and can be really expensive. Such services include one-time cuts, and a couple of recurring services like mowing, clearing grass clipping from hard surfaces, string trimming, job updates and location tracking, picture receipt and outstanding customer service.

  • The average cost to avail this service lies somewhere within $35.23 (might vary according to the proximity of location)
  • The typical cost might lie in between $28 – $45
  • Size of lawn, length of grass, frequency are some factors that determine the cost of this service

2. Cleaning Up the Yard

It becomes quintessential to clean up the lawn during spring and fall, and an overall health checkup of the lawn becomes important. This might as well include clearing the dried leaves, clearing the debris, checking the air, light and water conditions to make the lawn look healthy and happy.

  • This service cost around $328 on an average
  • The cost of this service lies in between $174-$487
  • Size of lawn, checking the number of garden beds, haul away debris, checking the number of trees, or Pickup of Curbside are some of the factors that determine the cost of this service

3. Seeding

Lawns often become patchy, dry, and rough overstepping, running and chopping. They need seeding, cleaning, watering, and fertilization periodically.

  • The average cost can be within $829
  • Normally cost can range in between $378-$1280
  • Size of lawn and type of seed can be some of the factors that determine the cost of this service

4. Aeration

This service includes making small holes and circulating the air, water, and nutrition from the roots to grow and develop.

  • The average cost of this service lies within $123
  • Typically the cost of this service might fall in between $74-$193
  • Size of the lawn is the only factors that determine the cost of this service

Features to Be Included While Developing App Like Plowz And Mowz

Essential Features that can be included within a Lawn Care App are:

  • Features like live lawn care finder view let users view various yard work or snow plowing professionals near their location. Users can also select their lawn care service based on various filters and schedules.
  • Another Uber for lawn care professional finder enables users to view a live map of available lawn/yard care professional near you, based on your location. An alternate ‘List View’ depicting online and offline drivers with their ratings, is also optionally provided.
  • Lawn service app categories include selecting from amongst the categories of your lawn care requirements such as lawn mowing, hedge trimming, yard cleaning, snow removal, etc.
  • The filtered list allows users to know the list of available professionals for lawn care, with their ratings based on your preferences.
  • Profile details like reviews and photos of lawn professionals can be viewed
  • Users get to view detailed profiles of their background-checked lawn care professionals. Once this is selected, users can add additional service requirements, change the payment options, add promo codes and schedule a service, etc.
  • Users have the rights to book their on-demand lawn mowing professionals by the hour or by the services needed with their individual rates provided.
  • Services can be scheduled to be availed at a different date and time. This allows users to book their lawn care or snow plowing service on-demand, for a later scheduled date.
  • Users get various payment options, add additional services and provide promo-codes if available.
  • All the bookings can be recorded in one place. As soon as a professional accepts the job from the app like plowz and mowz app, the job is then assigned.
  • Get to track the job live, get job notifications and in-app bookings. In-app notifications are provided on each status change.
  • The app must feature the option to view the map of the assigned lawn care or snow removal provider live.
  • In-app chat module that is integrated within the lawnmower apps is useful when special instructions need to be mentioned to the lawn care professional.
  • Update payment options, addresses, recharge in-app wallet, get in touch with support for quick bookings, etc.
  • Users can review their invoice details and rate their uber for lawn mowing” professional after completion of lawn care, yard work and snow removal service
  • Provide feedback and rate your lawn care/snow removal professionals on a variety of service fields. This ensures that high-quality standards are maintained on your customized Uber for lawn care app.

Creating an App Like Uber For Lawn-Mowing

The Uber For Lawn Mowing App is particularly useful for people who wish to but are not able to take care of their lawns. A set of primary features (in no particular order) that should be part of this app:

  • Scheduling On-Demand Lawn Maintenance Service

An option to schedule the service for a later time and date gives the user the facility to arrange for the service in a better way, keep a check on all the activities. Such an application must be scalable, user-friendly, efficient and cost-effective.

  • Real-Time Updates and Push Notifications

Lawn mowing service app must be enabled with push notifications so that users can get real-time updates. Particularly designed for people who do not get sufficient time to shovel and mow their lawns, but still do not want to lose any relishable greenery despite busy schedules.

  • Option to Chat Live

Chatting with the contractor while the mowing professional is on your job, can be satisfying and eliminates any chances of errors. Along with this, if an option to do a video call is included, then live instructions can help streamline the things in a much better way. This as well helps the users to clear their doubts before going for such a service.

 A Definitive Resolution to All Lawn Care App Queries

An on-demand app for lawn mowing is all you need in case there is a requirement of snowplowing and cleanup during spring and fall. Such services can provide additional services helpful simultaneously like power washing, shrub and trimming the hedge, exterior home services, and mulching.

The success rate of such applications depends upon the proximity of the lawn care service professional to your location, such jobs will pop up for you on your route. A lawn mower professional has all the control to accept or reject the job based on their workflow. The payments can be made within 24 hours of completing the job satisfactorily. The lawn care app must provide trip charges for the work that can’t be completed the same day. This mowing plowing app must handle all marketing, set up, customer service calls, issue and complaints redressal, etc. It should not become a spoiler without context. Get the most out of your lawn with experienced professional service for lawn mowing app that includes snow shoveling and general yard work services, contact the right app development agency for your on-demand lawn care software solution. Get a free quote now!

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