How Much Does it Cost to Develop a WordPress Site

WordPress website development powers 28% of the internet. Amazed? If you want to get a WordPress website built for your business, here’s the fundamental, valuable insights.

The real cost of developing a website is a mystery to most of us. As and when a company/ business owner approaches a website development company, there’s this one question that strikes them- what will be the cost of development. For every organization, big or small, brand or startup, project budget is the limitation to stepping ahead for website development or mobile app development.

If you’ve decided for WordPress website development, you are on the right platform to know the actual cost of development. Having hands-on experience in WordPress CMS development since its inception, we can guide you with the best statistics and numbers.

Today, WordPress is one of the most popular website content management systems, extensively used by blogging websites, small business websites, artistic portfolios, and giant media sites like TIME, CNN, BBC America, MTV News. More notable names include The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TED Blog, Facebook Newsroom, Disney, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Sony Music, The Official Star Wars Blog, Bloomberg Professional.

Despite this, most of the SMBs and enterprises wanting to take their brick-and-mortar business to digital platforms are apprehensive of ‘do all WordPress developers charge you a dime.’

No, it isn’t true. Though there are costs associated with WordPress website development, the expenses are not as high as you think. Some of you may also be curious to know that if WordPress is an open-source web development framework, where from this cost comes? Is it advisable to outsource the website development?

Typically, the cost of WordPress website can be broken into 4 major categories:

  • Domain name
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Design and Development
  • Plugins, Extensions and Themes

First and foremost, for each website on the internet, you have to pay for the hosting server and you need to buy a host name.

WordPress plugins are the cookies to enhance your website into a more modern, more user-friendly and comprehensive site. So, here you pay as per your luxury. This will also extend your site’s functionality to better features, more automation and smoother performance. There are various freemium or premium models available for buying the WordPress themes. You can go beyond the basics.

For all the domain, hosting and plugins related costs, visit here.

Now, the next most important concern is whether to hire a WordPress developer from a dedicated and full-scale WordPress development company or manage with the own averagely-technical staff.

With a purely unbiased opinion, we’d say yes. Because you aren’t opting for a website just for fun, it’s your business, your first step towards a transformative, digital economy. This is your online presence, by which you will be recognized and known to billions of internet users worldwide. When your main aim is to monetize and earn revenue from an online business, you can’t just compromise with any moderate developer. If you want something not good but exceptional, then get a WordPress web developer onboard because without that there are guesstimates of what the client needs, and overcharging at the time of delivery. A genuine hire from a reliable WordPress web development company is honest with their pricing and ensure pixel perfect delivery.

So, don’t hesitate to hand over the website design and development in expert hands like us; you’ll enjoy the perks later.

The cost of WordPress website (low-budget)

We perfectly understand the price you’re paying for the development of your WordPress site should give you the equivalent value or more. After all, it’s the value you’re generating for your potential users and customers. Generally, for a simple blogging website or a news site, the average cost calculates to $5k-$8k. With a well-defined idea in your mind, you can directly call us and discuss. Our experts will share their inputs and you can go ahead with a remarkable project start.

The cost of WordPress website development (eCommerce)

Moving on to an online shopping store, which are also built on WordPress as of start with a simple display and decent shopping cart features. Today, the top choice is WordPress CMS along with the WooCommerce plugin, which allows developers to develop an online storefront with shopping cart and shipping options. With WooCommerce, you can add any number of products without compromising on the loading speed and user experience.

The average cost of eCommerce WordPress development ranges between $8k-$13K.

The cost of WordPress development (custom website)

Now, with WordPress, you have the option of developing a website that’s your own- that can have personal aesthetics designed by you. From its domain name and layout to colors and fonts, you can be the designer. There are hundreds of themes to choose from, tell your WordPress designer/developer you have hired and get it included.

For a fully-responsive, custom-made WordPress website development, the cost estimates to $6K to $9K. Opting for premium features, you can also gain rich insights into visitor behavior and site’s performance.

Earlier, experts used to recommend WordPress website development only when for a small and simple business setup or a one-page website. But now, this isn’t the case. With the extensive advancement and extended plugins and themes, WordPress is a great choice to design your success story with a powerful website.

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