Konstant Celebrated 17 Successful Years of Its Successful Existence

We credit the influence of continued learning, networking, and inspiration as we step up into our 18th Year, with Konstant’s anniversary celebrations on 7th March 2020!

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of its stakeholders. Off and on Konstant Infosolutions has earned its place on the lists of top market research firms like Clutch, Appfutura, Extract, Business of Apps, Goodfirms and the Top Developers as one of the top mobile app development service provider. It is indeed an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has always made an effort to exceed customer’s expectations.

The Culture We Pride

The culture begins and ends with the values that a corporate follows. As the buzz about the company culture we follow gets louder, whether its weekend celebrations, festivities, employee recognitions, gifting on special occasions, indoor games – Konstant as a top tech company is pulling out all of the stops in hopes of creating the coolest corporate culture around.

Seventeenth Foundation Day Celebrations

Celebrating 17 years as a leader in mobile app and web development, all the staff of Konstant Infosolutions gathered for a special all-day event at Jaipuria Cricket Stadium on Saturday, 7th March 2020. The all-day event was a result of the joint work of a broad coalition of all the stakeholders (employees and clients).

Konstant Infosolutions celebrated its Foundation day + Sports day + Women’s day as one event. The entire staff got sectionalized into four teams: Warriors, Chargers, Panthers, and Strikers. The event was lined up with delicious appetizers followed by Cricket Matches, Introduction and Energizer, Table Games and Team Building Games. All the staff perused the unique offerings followed by Lunch, fun team relay, chess, ping-pong water balls, low-intensity team building games, treasure hunt, and Konstant got talent games.

Staff cumulated in small groups looking like pimply fourteen-year-olds who wanted to stand next to each other with a pout, holding selfie-props, grinning like a baboon while they clicked pictures to put on Social Media.

konstant cricket 2020 champion

Insights from the Founders

Mr. Manish Jain, Managing Director and Co-founder, Konstant Infosolutions said, “We started with a few but now we are many not only in number but also in talents and creativity. Congratulations on all your efforts and accomplishments.”

Mr. Vipin Jain, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-founder, Konstant Infosolutions quoted, “It’s our seventeenth anniversary and we are proud of that. We always had a long-term vision for this. It’s such a massive undertaking that to only do it once would not be the best use of anyone’s time.”

Extending Our Culture via Foundation Day Tuned With Some Sports

A corporate culture that we follow is much more than exciting benefits. Ultimately, it is the belief and behavior that permeate the organization that is the essence of culture. Culture is one such aspect that livens up the corporate environment although it is not clearly and easily defined. It as well develops and changes as we grow. It even extends to how we work with customers and partners and even how our stakeholders and potential hires perceive us.

The day was dotted with various energizers and games including:


(All the people will be engaged at once)

Table Games

Common Rules of The Game:

Max. People Engaged: 2-3/game

Time Taken: 5 Minutes/game

Number of Different Games: 6-7

  • Card Ninja

The player must throw a playing card into a watermelon.

card ninja

  • Game of Chess

No brainer for the technocrats.


  • Blowing Paper cup tower with balloon

Two individuals go head to head on the race of blowing Paper Cup Tower with a balloon filled with air.

blowing Paper cup tower with balloon air

  • Separation Anxiety

A group of blocks will be given to the participants. They will have to separate the given blocks faster than the other one.

separation anxiety

Team Building Games

  • Filling the Bucket

Three players per team had to fill their glasses with colourful water – hand it over to the next team member in the row – who had to hand it over to the next member – to empty the glass into the bucket at their end. The team that was able to fill the bucket on the other end with maximum water was the winner.

filling the bucket

  • Try Your Luck

Each team with 4 members each had to find particular chocolate from below the inverted paper plates scattered across the ground randomly.

try your luck

  • Ping Pong Balls

Throwing the ping pong balls into the water-filled glasses. (Individually)

ping pong balls

And some more team building games depending upon the time….

All the activities were followed by relay race and treasure hunt.

How We Started…

It was the 7th of March, 2003 when we started as a nascent mobile and web development organization, headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, with a handful of employees. Since then we expanded to accompany 180+ employees.

We moved boundlessly, touching every milestone that we planned throughout. So far, we have had mixed experiences. If we have a series of accomplishments, we had our share of failures as well. But every failure improved the taste of victory!

In the process, we would like to acknowledge the assistance of our great clients, partners, colleagues, family, and friends all the time.

We had several new blends hitting the rotation. We even received quite a few accolades (thanking our patrons!) We are because of our customers. Their belief in us is what makes us high. We have already built a lot of great relationships and we look forward to strengthening it even further.

The business year 2019 – 2020: Expectations exceeded, targets met

  • The business of Apps has listed us amongst global app development leaders.
  • Silicon India has listed us amongst the top 5 mobile app development companies.
  • Konstant ranks amongst Top Mobile App Development Companies in the latest listing by Clutch.
  • ITFirms ranked Konstantinfo among Top Mobile App Development Companies and Developers to hire in 2020.
  • Goodfirms listed Konstantinfo as Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies India 2020
  • Appfutura listed Konstant amongst Top Mobile App Development Companies
  • MobileAppDaily listed Konstant as Best React Native Development Companies 2020
  • TechReviewer recognized Konstantinfo as Top 10 Web Development Companies 2020
  • Softwareworld.co listed Konstantinfo as Top 10 App Development Companies 2020
  • G2.com listed Konstantinfo as Best Mobile App Development Companies 2020

We are glad to share that we were able to acknowledge approximately 95% of the client queries. We deeply regret for the rest of the 5% that we missed (either we were not able to meet your expectations or your request was not relevant).

We were also able to earn some badges of successful client servings globally: Clutch, Goodfirms, topdevelopers.co

We have always strived to make our customers feel special and would like to thank all those who shared their wonderful experiences with us. Please do visit our website to know what our happy clients have to say.


We are genuinely thankful to all our stakeholders who made us realize our true potential. We promise to continue with our current services and we will endeavour to provide state-of-art after-sale maintenance and support. We admire if you share your experiences, thoughts with us through comments!!

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