Konstant Preview: Flashback 2019, Forecast 2020

We played by the rules but were ferocious in refactoring and reviving the previous year. Think and read through!

Ask Alexa what will happen in 2020 and she will quickly quip…” the universe has still not revealed the answer to me!”.

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We are bidding farewell to a year that gave us immense moments of joy, happiness, and knowledge to imprint on our minds. Sending across lots of thank you notes to 2019, the pouch of 2020 has many interesting things for you to lead and read. As you gear up to usher in the New Year, Konstant welcomes the year in a Fun-Tech way. 2020 will be a leap year, the 20th year of the 21st century and the 1st year of the 2020’s decade.

Extending the ritual, every year, the most discussions about the next year’s Digital Transformation trends had begun to feel a bit repetitive: Cloud computing, edge compute, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Autonomous vehicles, small data, deep-fakes, voice, and natural language processing, augmented intelligence, etc. It always seems like the same chairs being re-arranged around the same old room. 2020 will be big as a departure from that. Making the same core technologies dominate, these discussions will continue to be foundational to our collective digital transformation journey. 2020 will mark onset to a fresh new class of technologies, all set to graduate to the sidelines to the center stage. Without further ado, here is some quick recipe to warm your heart:

Our Significant Achievements and Recognition

Konstant always works towards bringing in some great talent, make some amazing people work together, including excellent project and account management leadership. We have some amazing technical talent that works in small scrum teams, thus helping achieve consistent results, accommodating to clients’ schedules and deadlines.

We are privately owned and closely held team signing a promise to be driven, courageous, innovative, confident, honest, and knowledgeable. Sharing a commitment to being the best at what we do, providing stellar service to customers, offering employees fulfilling, rewarding work and being vital members of their communities. As the chiefs say, “If we don’t challenge our people to live those values, then we become just another service provider”. Some of our notable achievements:
Konstantinfo Achievements

Number of Client Reviews and Ratings

With an irrefutable need to stay relevant, aligning ourselves with the mission, vision, and purpose of setting new benchmarks with every new project that we did – keeping ourselves busy handling all kinds of jobs for our customers, we want to reap the benefits of being in business long-term, and not take short-term profit. We were recognized by our clients in following ways:
clients reviews

Few Great Testimonials

Businesses need to make money. They need to be sustainable in the industry to foresee their efforts paying off, have to deal with multi-dimensional pressures and have to be transparent in their behavior. Chief Officers’ at Konstant put it in this way, “We need to focus on what’s in our control at the moment and use what we’ve learned so far to accelerate the pace of change. We seldom wait for everyone to agree to a unified approach, we act based on the agile market and the need of the hour.” Take it from our customers:
Client Testimonials

Revisiting the Top Events of 2019

Forces considered by executives these days mostly consist of disruptive technologies. This changes how the work is done, but that’s too narrow a focus. A remarkably broad set of forces is transforming the nature of work, and companies need to take them all into account.

The Forces Shaping the Future of Work will consist of accelerating technological change, growing demand for skills, changing employee expectations, transitioning work models and evolving business environment and likewise.

As we bid adieu to 2019 and welcome 2020, lets’ review all the important events of 2019, crucial happenings, decisions and discourses that are very important to remember for Konstant:

  • March 2019: Women’s Day Celebration March – 2019

women day 2019

  • Holi Celebration 2019

Holi 2019

  • June 2019: Motivational Session On Stress Management (Meditation, Focus, Self-Realization, Spirituality)

Motivational Session On Stress Management

  • August 2019: Annual Picnic At Sunrise Resort

konstant picnic 2019

  • September 2019: Mharo Rajasthan Samriddh Rajasthan – 2019

Saturday activity

  • September 2019: Celebrate Monsoon With Umbrella Decoration Activity

umbrella competition

  • October 2019: Dandiya Celebration

konstant stepped up to pose for garbadeep

  • November 2019: Halloween Celebration – 2019

Highlights of First Saturday of November

  • December 2019: Financial Planning Session by ICICI Prudential Bank Experts.

financial planning session

Project Success Parties and Similar Events

Celebrating the success of a project is like a baby taking their very first step; everyone gathers around, claps and cheers for every step that the baby takes. Celebrating success for the sake of team spirit and improvement in performance, it is important to reminisce the last time we celebrated our team’s efforts. Sharing success strengthens teams. Building and maintaining a strong team is a challenging job. Konstant ensures that they appreciate the teams for their efforts, for achieving goals in a timely and effective manner. This makes the workforce more engaged, motivated and loyal. The respective teams of developers, designers, pre-sales, post-sales, Test engineers relished post-launch success parties of following projects in 2019:

  • Project Success Party of zAmerican English App

zAmerican app success party

  • Project Success Party of Props2 App

app success party

  • Project Success Party of Drafter

drafter success party

Our Work Portfolio

  • Projects Delivered and Made LIVE

The reason why clients love our efforts are already significant. A number of projects made live in 2019 were more than 50, out of which 20+ were web-based and 30+ were mobile-based.
project delivered

  • Major Start-ups’  and Enterprise Clients We Served

We spend each day taking care of our customers, until the release, when we actually start looking after each other. As the chief’s wanted, their management team must drill down on how to better identify people. Konstant now looks for new hires with drive, a work ethic, curiosity, and a collaborative spirit.

We have been serving small businesses, increasing margins and doubling net profits, reducing client attrition rates, as an independent company we just look forward to serving our clients.

Some of our development highlights included:

Konstant portfolio

Click to visit our portfolio

In Closing

Dear 2019, thank you for all the lessons. Dear 2020, we are ready. Hear it from Konstant, “We wish you 12 months of success, 52weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun, and 525600 minutes of good luck and 31536000 seconds of happiness.”

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