Major Trends in Enterprise App Development in 2018

How Enterprise App Development would look in 2018. Here’s a sneak peek into key trends!

Enterprise applications are unceasingly growing to serve different business niches and industry segments since the time it made its entry into the realm of mobile automation. It has been a few years since innovation and compliance started flowing into this segment and is growing significantly since then. This is because of the changes in market dynamics and customer tendencies. Primarily because the way businesses utilize resources and function are moving more towards digitalization. And as a result of this, enterprise app development is finding a prime spot of importance amongst the modern-day businesses that are trying to cater users with newer and advanced interfacing and service options.

These key trends give you a fair insight of how enterprise app development would be this year:

Intelligent Applications

As per a Gartner report, by 2021 enterprise app development would grow further to support Artificial Intelligence capabilities in business. However, the major impact would be in the industries like Financial and Healthcare industries, but it would steadily grow across all the verticals. AI in enterprise app would be allowing operators to detect possibilities with smart monitoring and advanced analytics and aim solutions through intuitive approach and contextual references. Taking that even further, an IDC report suggests that AR/VR technology would also grow to contribute to the advancement of AI applications for businesses and expects it to touch a mark of $162 billion of worldwide revenue by 2020. This would include a collaboration of latest ideas and practices offered by Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), Internet of Things (IoT) and Reactive Machines.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

With more users shifting to mobile solutions for interfacing with their provider, we are seeing mobile-first websites increasingly coming into trend. This would continue to show an upsurge in 2018 with Accelerated Mobile Pages offering great hike to businesses, allowing them to create lightweight page to render their website to serve as a size-optimized mobile device interface. Talking of that, by the last year, we already had over 25 million domains creating AMPs and it is going to get bigger this year with a higher frequency and greater influence. As a result of which you would see over an estimated 80% new websites to come out with their AMP counterparts in order to achieve faster loading speed and a seamless user experience.

Wearable Devices

As we see the mobile devices and utility growing at a fast rate, we see it impacting the trends making industries come up with ever-advanced utility and value for consumers. This can be best referred by the growth and innovation in the field of mobile automation that gets bigger with the wearable technology. You already have fitness bands, eyeglasses, smart watches, GPS gadgets and a wide array of wearable devices to allow you a more resourceful and enhanced way to connect with mobile utilities. This will go further to influence the way we see mobile technology. If we refer to a Gartner report, by 2021 smart watches will reach to a whooping figure of 81 Million units. You can see the early signs of it starting from here. This is a heads up for all the businesses that are thinking to take their reach and value to a greater level of offering with the advanced mobile technology.

Progressive Web Applications

This will be a hotcake for industry leaders to grab this year. Progressive Web Apps are catching pace and it is one big way to commit to mobile interface excellence, moving ahead of the existing conventions. You can already see big daddies of the internet world like Amazon and Flipkart applying it to great effect. As they are able to allow their users to use their apps inclusively without occupying device space heavily. This helps them to assure that their users get the best of them without having to sacrifice on their phone’s memory. This trend was in its nascent phases in the previous years but still achieved a lot of positive response from the industry. 2018 should be seeing more of it and we can see more apps coming up with their version of Progressive Web Applications.

Security above all

Security is becoming a prime concern for most online providers with increasing rate of cyber-crime and performance risks that are innate to the internet world. As per a recent study, over 60% of websites and e-platforms are plagued with vulnerabilities and have exposure to cyber-attacks. Besides, most of these websites deal with sensitive data and are not proficient and equipped enough to deal with possible risks and potential threats. Now, looking forward developers would be more interested in bringing more power to websites to deal with security issues. This would include adding multiple security layers, adding high-level encryption, validating and authorizing user access points, applying standardized method to eliminate flaws and fissures, empowering facility to deal with possible threats and facilitating coding practices that refer to fool-proof security measures.

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Final words

Expect these trends to be all over in practice in 2018 as businesses look to commit to advanced possibilities and offerings going with enterprise app development in and around their realm of utility and value.

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