Mobile-friendly Website with Bing as its Promotional Wing

Since, smartphones have become the backbone of internet operability factors; the use of Bing comes in to label the search engine results as mobile-friendly.

Technology has bloomed into an attractive aspect that has started giving a promotional boost to the mobile-friendly websites. Adapting to the modernization phase of mobiles, technical appliqués have managed to gain recognition for performing beyond expectations and easing the workload. With Microsoft taking initiative into the mobile-friendly search engine, it has pledged to outdo Google in giving exceptional search engine results. As Google holds US market at 65%, Bing is offering contemporary searches on mobile phones to make them work efficiently and quicker.

Scenario of Mobile-Friendly Website:

As the technology in smartphones is developing, the need to search for imperative information is gaining momentum. The users with mobile phones tend to get speedy results than the desktops on their mobile search, which is making people demand for a search engine that can serve with high ranking pages. Enabling a chance to give their best shot, Bing arrived in style with extensive ability to promote websites efficiently on the mobile platform. With the growth of companies shifting their attention towards mobile application and website development, they channelized their ideations for bringing extensive results in much less time.

The World of Bing and Mobile-Friendly Websites:

Since, smartphones have become the backbone of internet operability factors; the use of Bing comes in to label the search engine results as mobile-friendly. The idea behind this is to promote efficiency of mobile-based websites in such a way that users tend to get high-quality results from the queries entered in the Bing Search Engine. Indeed, in this run, the angel part of Bing is its ability not to penalize the websites that are not mobile-friendly. The changing Google’s strict guidelines in identifying the relevancy of the website content have given way to Bing as a fresh change towards allowing a promotional platform for websites that do not fall in the category of mobile-friendliness.

Following are few considerations by Bing in terms of identifying mobile-friendly attitude of the websites:

1. Simplified Routing: The requirement states that the menu bars, page links as well as buttons need to have enough space for aiding simplified navigation and tapping process.

2. Readability: Laying emphasis on avoiding of Zoom power, the web content needs to be placed in a properly readable manner for users to identify every sentence.

3. Scrolling: There is a need to align the content methodically with vertical scrolling of single page is recommended; while, the horizontal scrolling should be reduced.

4. Compatibility: No matter what a screen size should be, content, videos, images and a relative matter is required to match compatibility standards.

With the advent of Bing, technology seems to take a step ahead by providing webmasters tools that tend to analyze mobile-friendly attitude and the areas requiring careful assistance. This tool will be quite helpful in simplifying the process of website navigation through touch, readability within the zoom and scroll process with compatibility in liaison to mobile devices. In the technology-oriented world, people are moving towards performance-oriented devices as well as search engines that can give them maximum benefits in easing their tasks.

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