Top 10 Reasons for Founders to Choose React Native

Know the top 10 reasons that make React Native the best of options to build native apps.

When you are looking to build an app for your startup you come up with a lot of thoughts and apprehensions in your mind related to building a mobile app for your venture. And that continues to creep on till you get a convincing solution to satisfy your needs and preferences.

The most frequent and haunting thoughts that you will face are related to making the right choice and that could be anything from choosing over which platform to go with (iOS or Android) to selecting the right approach and choosing whether to outsource your project or go with an in-house facility for mobile app development.

Everything and anything that is a part of this dilemma you have as a founder can be sorted out just by going with React Native. How? Let’s find out!

1. Get iOS & Android from one code base

When you write codes on React Native you get to have a codebase that could be applied to both iOS and Android. Which means you just have to get the code written for once and it would go with multiple platforms to allow you more than one native apps with the one-time effort!

2. It is a cheaper option

You need half the number of developers to work on React Native app development compared to the regular attempt. Which means, going with React Native you have to pay the lesser cost and get your native app developed in lesser efforts. More so, if you choose to outsource your app as there are an ample of options available for React Native outsourcing, as it is among the most trending technologies these days.

3. Officially supported by Facebook

As you are approaching a native app on a newer coding framework you always think about if it would be supported well in future or not. As React Native is directly supported by Facebook Engineering you are assured of the futuristic goals it must be fueled with and the large community support it must be putting up with to make it future-proof in all manners possible.

4. Truly Native Code

When its React Native it is not merely a webview rendering Javascript. It is dedicated to native app development to the core and is built on all features supporting it to behave most likely to allow modern businesses with a competent solution for building robust native apps.

5. It’s Quick

As the Javascript supporting React Native is compiled to real, native codes, the way it works is seamlessly fast and smooth. And of course, you would achieve faster two apps working with it compared to any other framework. And as you know, it is well documented with Facebook Engineering, it has least glitches and bottlenecks, to make it even faster in terms of taking references, applying codes and executing a solution.

6. Bridging Native features is easy

It is quite possible that you may need to add something new to your project happening around other technologies. React Native allows you to easily collaborate and work with other technologies (like Swift or Java) and pick-up and integrate features and functionalities from there and integrate them into your solution.

7. Easy to make re-usable components across the app

Another important feature you can enjoy working with React is it allows you to reuse app code. Which makes it is highly easy to share a component across different parts of the app. And this is one of the leading reasons that make working with React Native really smooth and fast.

8. UI is really easy to lay out

Now, this is something that makes a real difference in terms of accessing and building the interface of the mobile app. React Native allows you as a designer/developer to use CSS & Flexbox to style and layout the views. This is as easy and responsive as you do it for a website. Further, it even allows you to go for dynamic UI that works with different screen sizes and display resolutions.

9. It’s quick at Fixing Bugs

With React Native you can invariably and seamlessly work on tuning your app from time to time to make it deliver quality at all levels. You may even need to put up with ever-newer technologies and functional properties to keep up with the latest requirements in the application development domain and it gets really easy to aim and execute when you work with React Native.

10. It’s a Growing Technology.

With each passing day, there’s something new coming in the shape of React Native and this growth is quite steady and fulfilling. And as it supports other technology and is open to working with newer concepts you get the benefit of being served with endless options you would like to go with while building native apps for your modern venture. Further, as it is supported by the Facebook community it gets linked to the entire ecosystem that has a plethora of undying possibilities to offer.

This shows how founders get benefited choosing React Native as the framework to build their native apps. If you would like to know more about React Native app development, our experts are all ready to help you with that. All you need to do is mail us at [email protected].

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