Top 10 Web Development & Design Trends for 2017

There are a lot of new trends we look forward to and a lot that will continue to prevail in web development and design this year. We couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

After the emergence and preeminence of mobile apps, web design and web development have been coming up with new and creative to the table so as to stay in the market. Though mobile internet users have surpassed the number of desktop/laptop users last year, we can’t simply ignore that 48.7% vs. 51.3% (mobile and tablet internet usage,as recorded by StatCounter Global Stats in the report internet usage worldwide) are still using desktops.

Web is not the relic of past. There is a large pool of people in the age of 40-60 who still can’t give up on their personal computers and laptops. In fact, when it comes to browsing products, checking their size, look and feel, most millennials get their hands on larger screen desktops.

Nevertheless, today when we talk about web, we don’t mean desktop only. It’s a mix of desktop and mobile because there are a large number of mobile internet users that either browse web or use a mobile app. In the beginning of 2017, CodeFuel’s research report revealed that the percentage of mobile web users (23%) is higher than mobile app users (15%, which is not too much, tough). So, the need is to develop a web project that’s compatible with all screens, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

To compete with the growing popularity and usage of mobile apps, here’s a rundown of web design and development innovations that can primp your website to a new look.

Web Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Whenever we talk about the future of technology, artificial intelligence takes the hot spot. Fortunately, it’s not an alien in web development. There are numerous ways in which AI is implemented in website and web app development these days.

One of them is chatbots. This year we may see a continuous adoption of such auto assistants that can intelligently reply to the users, visitors, shoppers for any query related to product, customization and much more. Many e-Commerce players like Amazon, Taco Bell, Dominos have started to develop their own conversation bots to offer a wonderful shopping experience.

JavaScript tops the chart

Among the best web development languages, 2017 is the year for JavaScript developers. Every rookie developer should learn JS (in today’s time) because it’s an extremely versatile that helps create interactive website elements. From games to cookery to business, JavaScript is becoming the fundamental language for everything technological and digital.

Lately, JavaScript was acclaimed as the best programming languages to learn for web development by IBM.

It’s additional resources like mobile and desktop application frameworks including React.js, Angular.js, jQuery, Node.js help in building well-defined application architectures.

You can anytime consult us for web design and development. We have skilled developers certified in JavaScript and its frameworks.

Progressive Web Apps with React.js

React makes web development straightforward and easy-to-understand. This is the JavaScript framework that is behind the top web interfaces like Facebook and Instagram. One of the very benefits of React.js is that it can smoothly be integrated with any software architectural pattern.

Taking advantage of bringing the best of mobile sites and native apps to users, progressive web apps (PWAs) are a mix of web browser and application, where the site is progressively enhanced such that the app can load in flaky connections. Progressive web apps have more user-friendly design, fast page load performance and secure network connection.

Angular 2

Google’s JavaScript framework was redesigned to Angular 2 last year. Both,for a progressive web app or a desktop app, Angular 2 creates and manages animation timelines and offer engaging experience for the users.

Learn more about AngularJS transition from native to hybrid mobile app development.

Web Design Trends

360-degree video and VR

There had been big Virtual Reality (VR) announcements last year, and web design made a good start with this technology trend. With VR devices like Oculus Rift, the future of web looks bright. Web would become more immersive and interactive with the 3D videos and virtual reality elements.

Say, for example, you are surfing Amazon for a party dress. With VR effects, you could try them on and see yourself from all angles- a whole 3D perspective. At the same time, you can compare yourself wearing various dresses by creating multiple avatars, and then select the best one.

Buying and exploring online would be so much fun this way.

Brighter colors

Rainbow colors are being loved once again on the websites. Bright and kaleidoscopic hues spread that vigor and hunger to serve as many customers. The definition of professionalism has changed, which was once using pastel and decent colors. People are attracted towards illuminating and vivacious, provided the combinations are not gawky.

Today, as the people are dynamic, so are their expectations. Vivid layers of color create impressive layouts, providing a modern and fresh look to the website.

Conversational UI

Conversational UI refers to ‘all talk, no buttons.’ Messaging will become driving force for the engagement, retention and volume for every marketplace, social site, gaming, dating website and on-demand service. The pattern of communication between people and computers (smartphones) is fusing in voice commands and one-on-one interaction.

In the early stages, command line was considered a conversational interface. Now, with the advent of mobile and communication devices, it’s the hybrid interfaces that is ‘less Windows and more Cortana.’

So, the support assistant on any business website can now talk instead of just texting. This powerful speech technology allows many users (who are new to online platforms including elder population or children) to learn to use online channels for performing various tasks. They guide us at each step.


If you’ve recently checked any of the web design trend reports, you couldn’t skip out reading about cinemagraphs. It’s the hottest new design element visible on almost every site- be it enterprise, entertainment, social media, eCommerce or any other.

Cinemagraphs are interesting as they are a crossover between a video and an image- like a gif. Since they have those moving elements in them, they are engaging. At the same time, the image component does not distract the readers but convey the right message.

Unlike gif, cinemagraphs come in less expensive and less busy packages.

Supreme fluidity to desktop, mobile and TV

One of the very reasons we stand out in our development services. Because we develop to make it work smoothly across all devices, all platforms- be it an enterprise software, website or a mobile app.

Though not new, fluidity is a trend that will continue to rule forever. It will only grow in the years to come as there will be new devices, and your audience would want the liberty to move across devices as and when they like. Each of your web projects will be expected to exhibit responsiveness and thus, build sound websites.

If you haven’t thought about these innovations for your existing website or one that’s under development, don’t delay any further. For any help regarding web development and design, we’re just a call away. Talk to us for website revamping or fresh development. We’ll offer the most modern, authentic and trusted solutions.

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  1. ConvertBetter says:

    Chat bots are really helpful specially for marketing websites or online shops , totally worth it for web developers to try and make it and can also be useful as a technology integrator

  2. Hey Heena, appreciate you sharing. Even though today is almost the end of 2017, I think these tips are going to stay relevant through 2018+. I am seeing the development and implementation of VR in more ways and industries than ever before (Real Estate, Hospitality, Construction, Gaming, etc.) and this will only continue.

    One of the things that really stood out was when you talked about conversational design. I think the more companies can design their online presence to engage and interact with their customers the better. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to reading more of your articles!

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