Top PHP Frameworks To Help Building The Agile Application

By using high-end PHP framework, users will get the facility of long term maintenance by obeying the development standards and will also help your application grow, keeping your code organized.


These days, developing agile application has become much easier because there are various PHP frameworks that can help users develop perfect applications for business. PHP, is one of the many languages used to develop client software products. Building software application is a time consuming process and the right utilization of framework can help you to develop projects faster.

By using high-end PHP framework, users will get the facility of long term maintenance by obeying the development standards and will also help your application grow, keeping your code organized. Choose the ideal framework by comparing features. PHP framework used in building agile software facilitates long term maintenance and reliability.

Have a look at some best and powerful PHP Frameworks

For the past few years, experienced PHP programmers are using PHP, the scripting language due to plenty of options available. Not every framework is built for everyone and here are given details about some best PHP framework.

Cake PHP

Beginners and advanced PHP developers can use them. When compared with other PHP framework, CakePHP allows users to build web applications quickly using code generation features. With zero configuration, CakePHP makes the perfect choice for those who wants to develop applications conveniently. It allows you to create database easily with the use of two official sources of documentation. It comes up with lots of built in tools such as CSRF protection, caching, validation, SAL injection prevention and lots more.

» It is one of the most popular framework with simplicity, scalability and providing a support system.

» There is no complicated configuration involved and you have to simply set up your database.

» It makes a perfect use for commercial application because it is licensed under MIT license

» It is available with a set of conventions which help developers build applications.

» Apart from all such interesting features, develop software applications using scaffolding.


Codelgniter is a popular PHP framework that holds powerful footprint. Those who are looking for an elegant tool kit that can help you build featured applications simply, may choose Codelgniter. The open source application framework is easy to use and performs with a speed. They can be used to share hosting accounts and offers an extensive library with video tutorials, forums and user guide to support. It features a set of libraries which will help you to perform some common task easily and it comes up with logical structure along with a simple interface which will help you to access these libraries directly. Some other interesting features include:

» Developers don’t have to follow respective coding rules to use them.

» They can be used directly without learning any other template language.

» It offers clear documentation and the right separation between the logic and presentation.

» It offers excellent performance and impressive compatibility along with standard hosting.

Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2 is highly appreciated for developing web applications because they use object oriented code. It focuses on web 2.0 style of application and due to extensive support and active user base, Zend is known as “The PHP company”. It helps creating faster software applications along with enhanced scalability. Developers can employ libraries and to access the web service, you can load components based on your requirement. The components are powerful enough offering a robust MVC implementation. Being one of the popular PHP framework available today, it is packed with robust features built to meet the corporate level of development.

» They are easily extensible with modular base and allows you to build block using another framework.

» It allows you to load the component of single library instead of the whole framework.

» Free to implement the framework and components in the way you need.

» Secured framework that comes up with modular base.


Yii is specifically designed to work smoothly with AJAX. Yii2.0.0 features powerful caching support and it offers a high performance PHP framework. They are best to be used to develop Web 2.0 applications. Using Yii, generate base PHP code and customize the code in such a way it fits properly within your needs. Moreover, it follows the MVC pattern, it help users develop clean and reusable code. The security of Yii is very important which includes validation of input, output filtering and preventing cross site scripting. Yii is mainly designed to work with third party tools. Your Yii powered applications can be easily integrated by users with any other frame worked data. Some other remarkable features include:

» Yii can load features faster than any other PHP framework.

» Allows you to develop a database and customize PHP code that suits with your requirement.

» Yii framework offers corroboration and great form input.


Laravel is a PHP web application framework with expressive and highly elegant syntax. It helps developers to perform their task easier. They provide accessible and powerful tool to build up large, robust applications using an inversion control container. The PHP framework is designed to develop model view controller web applications. With elegant syntax, it is expressive and can be used to perform an easy task in web project such as routing, sessions, queuing and caching. The framework is best suited for huge enterprise level applications. It is integrated with unit testing support. They work great on MySQL and suitable for all types of projects. Some other features include:

» They come up with an expressive migration system.

» It offers many functions which helps you to interact with databases.

» It supports useful features such as localization, session management and SSH commands.

» Events in Laravel allow a class to listen and subscribe events in your application.


PHP MVC is a simple and very effective framework which is highly documented with self explaining structure. Model view controller is a pattern of software architecture that helps controlling different application interaction with a user. It has two versions, one is basic and the other is an advanced version which features additional twig support and automatic SASS is compiling in pure PHP. It provides bare- bone structure and users doesn’t have to learn the framework because it uses the native PHP code which allows users to get started straight away. MVC in PHP can be used in Ruby on Rails or Django project. Cake PHP is a popular PHP framework. Other additional features include:

» It has self explaining structure

» It offers users optional composer integration

» It has impressive URLs and the framework motivates developers to comply with PSR ½ guidelines.

» It promotes the usage of PFO


Kohana PHP framework helps PHP developers build web application faster and effectively providing with a set of built in classes. The PHP 5 framework uses MVC architectural pattern and it keeps application logic separate from presentation. It helps create cleaner code and save your time for bug searching. The PHP framework is just like Ruby on Rails and it implements software engineering design pattern. It has attracted lots of users because from a beginner to expert, all will get to write standard codes which we see in the.Net world. While using Kohana, ensure your codes are of standard. It is fitted with a BSD license which can be utilized for commercial purpose. The other outstanding features include:

» It is fully object oriented, bringing industry standard programming to PHP.

» It features easy to use template engine.

» It supports internationalization and good documentation.

» It offers a set of libraries and helpers to developers.


Symfony is a PHP web application framework used to enhance the functionalities of MVC applications. The incorporation of symfony facilitates speedier development of web solutions from simple to complex. This quality makes it the most preferred choice for quite a lot of PHP developers. Symfony, as a framework, has a number of advantages associated with it, like it can be upgraded without any pain with the latest extensions. The functionality and architecture of the web application is not at all compromised in the Symfony framework. Symfony has a number of tools that can mechanize and alleviate the complex assignments of Object Relational Mapper (ORM) and Model View Controller (MVC).

» It is better for excessive programming

» Automated categorization and filtering

» It has search engine affable routing

» Integrated API and e-mail are available

» It  supports OS,  Linux, UNIX, Mac, and Windows

» It has cache management feature that reduces server load and bandwidth usage

» It has documentation and verification feature offering user security management

» Complete information can be retrieved by administrators through log-in features


Stability and simplicity are the main reason why people prefer using PHP, the scripting language. PHP frameworks are quite extensive and you can even create your own. Use a PHP framework, as per your choice to speed up the coding process. If you take a wise decision, you will end up developing better software applications with improved competence.

Konstant Infosolutions is a company engaged in dabbling various PHP frameworks and they provide services to clients from all over the world. They have worked on several PHP projects and their highly skilled PHP programmers use the best PHP framework to work on projects. Their developers build websites quickly using Cake PHP web development faster, simpler and affordable way. Their PHP Zend developers are experienced in creating robust applications. They have skilled developers able to develop functional website using the Codelgniter framework. Konstant Infosolutions remain a favorite choice, for both developers and clients they have developers who are extremely proficient who can create scalable and robust applications.

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    You can try an original framework: the mkFramework, it provide you a web generator: you don’t need to use terminal to generate application, model clases and CRUD 😉
    You can easily add an ACL management and private access with the web generator:
    Try it, you should like it
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