How We Transformed Our Customer Service Into The Five-Star Experience?

Taking every necessary step ensuring a five-star moment for every customer experience, Konstantinfo has been updating their feedbacks, renewals, and reviews – have a look!

An adage says – If you want to succeed at any job, make yourself invaluable. You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going that extra mile by rendering better service than you are now being paid for; standing up at the right place, speaking in front of right audience, filling the gap between following and achieving the goals, it’s never crowded on the extra mile.

What concerns does this excerpt address?

  • Why and how we got hundreds of positive online reviews
  • Things we did to build customer trust

Clients are business’s lifeblood. This implies that customer’s requirements must not only fulfill but must try to exceed their expectations. Client’s dissatisfaction is not necessarily something that businesses would want to discuss, but it is a necessary evil that most businesses face. The harder part is going through the painful process of figuring out what is wrong, how to change it and make it live. Online reviews hold reasonable credibility for any business patrons to rant or rave about their experience. No company or industry is immune from public reviews, be it through an actual review site or social media in general.

Why and how we got hundreds of positive online reviews?

While satisfied clients are often willing to provide positive feedback about the concerned business/product or services, they may not necessarily think to do it on their own. We conveyed a polite, pressure-free request to share their experience that was required to take some action. Hear it from our clients: 

goodfirms 5 star reviews

designrush 5 star reviews

clutch 5 star reviews

Things We Did To Build Customer Trust

Simply put, it was a compounded result of all the interactions that we had with customers, including idea generation, initiation, proceeding with the purchase or service and subsequent advocacy:

  • Thinking on the Inside edge

Konstantinfo traversed through and studied the causes that held us back from reaching the client’s expectations. We worked that extra mile to understand the causes that ran deeper than surface interactions. We had been conducting company reviews/organized employee feedback loop as an early step in evaluating what the client (company) needs. Customer/client is the final and the most critical stage in a complex chain of actions, we introspected ourselves to determine what stage of our process and which people were required to be attended.

  • Interpreting The Needs Of The Customer

We ensured that our target audience knew who we are, about our services, our work portfolio, our teams, our offices, our demographics, and all other essential things. Konstantinfo has the instinct to approach clients directly without sparing the precious time for a reply in return. We were proactive in discovering the needs and concerns of our audience showing that we have not only invested in meeting their expectations but exceeding them!

  • Konstant Treats Its Customer Service Well

Konstantinfo has been keen on our customer service turnaround. We have people skills to move clients from angry to satisfied – reminding every bit about the difference our service will bring into people’s lives and a subsequent positive impact

  • Providing A Memorable Experience

Konstantinfo has been on marks reviewing the overall customer experience. We mapped it out and created a memorable customer experience on which we raise the bar.

  • Taking Real Action

We measured the true impact of customer feedback by the change it brought along with it. We collected, examined and implemented – barring all exceptional situations and carefully incorporated into actionable solutions being on the safer side. Konstant has been consistently integrating all of these into operational SOP – Standard Operating Procedure.

  • We Invested and Sacrificed Without Guarantees

Konstantinfo ensures that they understand the customer experience to improve customer service. This involves taking a human-centered empathy-based approach and reveal the needs and challenges that they face. Reframing the problem from a customer focus will provide ideas for potential solutions. This further involves becoming truly curious about the issues and complaints customers have with our business. We are open to criticism and look for patterns.

  • Asking for Advice

Konstant took a little longer to realize that there was nothing wrong in asking for help or advice while managing personal workloads or when needs were being affected, as it will ultimately affect the work as well. This eventually turns out to be a vicious cycle that is not at all easy to break out off, but acknowledging it and getting the right advice is key. Konstant believes in asking prospects to understand their idea of a five-star experience. But we are simultaneously careful about not asking for their opinions – as this rightfully aligns the person providing feedback into a critical mode.

  • Designated Apologies

Kontantinfo believes in retaining customers, building trust and forgiving any issues that might strip the customer experience.

  • We Leverage Employee’s Cacoethes

Konstantinfo understands that a passionate employee is a sure-shot predictor of customer devotion. Here we are excited about what we do, we are clear on our roles and goals and perceive in treating our employees and customers fairly and on the same page.

  • Konstantinfo Focusses on Lessons

We seek constructive feedback that helps us improve our services. We like to listen to our customer’s needs, which eventually helps us progress forward.

In Fine

Konstantinfo inevitably believes that we’ve derived the best market research from our customers who’ve tried our business or service and were dissatisfied. We understand that a disgruntled employee may plant a logic bomb and simultaneously a reward can disgruntle customers for offering feedback.

We are all connected consumers, let alone service providers and service seekers, and we are not as tolerant as we used to be. Every-one of us have our expectations and demands are far greater than before. Above everything, we have a voice. The handy digital device that all of us carry with us in our pockets and the social media apps within have turned us into broadcasters. It is notably the level of services that we receive in this experiential age that attracts customers to us. In case the first experience doesn’t go well, it is not all doom and gloom. The good news is that these are all learning experiences and an opportunity to improve. Not at all tricky.

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