#zAmerican App: When We Pictured the Exhilaration of Reaching New Heights!

It was a moment to be seized when people across various levels met round the table to relish delicious delicacies, celebrating the post-launch success of zAmerican App!

While the planning effort conducted by the project team turned out to be the determinant, zAmerican project success can be characterized by adequate communication, decent planning, proper and timely estimation, and correct scheduling. As we go about discussing the projects, subsequent programs, and portfolios, establish responsibility for overseeing the dependencies between project, creating program level plan to accomplish this, project manager created a master schedule to manage the dependencies and created a program risk management plan to manage program level risks. They further created a program communication plan to establish how information flowed in the project. The PM and TL’s provided the oversight needed to ensure that the project pieces were completed effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of the client.

The zAmerican project was managed to ensure that the benefits were not only transitioned to operations but the processes were in place to sustain these benefits. It was assured that the project was aligned to the business strategy, as the scheme changed, the PM communicated with the project team to make them aware of the changes and the things that were required to be done. While our researchers and practitioners focussed considerable attention on tools, techniques and best practices, it helped develop a reliable and robust project plan. All this without forgetting that induction and application of relevant expertise to the task at hand was critical and apposite.

About zAmerican App

The time users spend on their smartphone devices is continually growing. As devices become more sophisticated, there will be a proportional increase in number of activities and the frequency of usage.

zAmerican app fulfills the need of Arabic users in particular, by translating the Arabic language to English, helping them to learn easily.  It is essentially a modest upgrade to the existing translating services available elsewhere. zAmerican app fulfills the requirement of studying, practicing and learning Arabic words easily of naïve as well as experienced users. It is a translator platform to streamline the workflow, ease out the study and practicing new words. It acts as a real-time tutor, suited especially for native Arabians who are not adept with the English language. This app acquits the users from learning basic English to mastering and speaking perfectly like Native Americans. It also helps native Arabians to understand the English language via simple tutorial and tests within the app. It includes learning words, reading audio lessons, and conversation rules, audio, and a video course.

A Definitive Verdict

Project success (seldom carried over as a whole) is the only real indicant of a successful project launch. Besides ‘thinking’, it is inevitable that a lot many ‘assumptions’ are involved. There is a need to ‘record’ those assumptions, ‘identify involved risks’ and address them, ‘identify decisions’ and those who will execute them, ‘identify metrics’ and measure them, ‘identify working agreements’ and follow them and ‘identify the plans’ and adjust according to them.  zAmerican had been a roller coaster ride, where we never lost focus of goals, strived with persistence and expended efforts. Did you notice a trend? As destined, a successful project launch is all about doing the things you know you should do during a project launch, then following up on those activities to make use of the things you did during the launch.

Our Mobile Team + Web Service Team + Designer Team + Testing Team + Business Analyst Teams relished a decent post-launch success party at a chic restaurant in Jaipur, Rajasthan near Tonk Road area on 9th Aug, 7:45 PM onwards till late. It was a mix of right location, right accessories, right food, and drinks. The atmosphere was so laid back, the high beaming ceilings and the eclectic décor worked wonders for the ambiance. The atmosphere (of any place) comes from guests, their conversations, the clinking of the glasses and cutlery. Although the guests preferred not to have music, there were lots of comments on the positives. Service and vibrant atmosphere weren’t forced. The overall dining experience was organic, kosher as the guests understood that the ambiance is merely harnessed.

What we want never comes easy but when a team works hard, with the best of their efforts, a little thanks in the form of success goes a long way! Recognition from CEO, MD and clients added the last finishing touches to make the launch party successful.

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