7 Features You Can’t Afford to Miss in Social Media App

For an app to be successful, the first requisite to possess is a collection of features without which a social media app is incomplete. Here is a rundown of the same.

The outlook of some appreneurs suggests loading up an app with lots of features will make it go viral and users will start using it from the word go. But, it isn’t the case. Loading up your app with more features than required at the outset can have a reverse effect on your app’s success.

More features can confuse the users and deceive them of the core functionality and purpose of your app, which can lead to increased abandon rate. Hence, it’s important that your user base manifests the primary function of your app at once.

According to a research, an average adult interacts with just seven apps per month and if you want to propel in this competition-ridden market, you need to present the reasons of what makes you stand apart along with the basic functionality. This makes crucial to incorporate features in the social media app wisely and here are the essentials a social media app development company can’t afford to miss when strategizing the concept of a revolutionary social app.

1. Quick login

Social media leverages users to connect with peers, family and friends across the globe in a sublime fashion. Social connections are easy, quick and effective, which calls for easy methods of drawing in. Users would love your app if you offer them easy login options. It might decrease the abandon rate and users would love to come to your app regularly. More the app is user-friendly more are the chances of it being rated high in the minds of users.

2. Profile customization

Users like updating their social profiles with daily mood, activities they are involved in, interests, future events they’d be heading towards, sharing the videos they like and more such stuff. An occasional profile photo update is anticipated to occur every now and then. Customization option leverages them to update their existing job roles, display name, one-liner introductions, interests and more on a consistent basis, which helps in lifting their profiles and credibility associated with them. Plus, the authority of customization adds value to their lives granting them a feeling of control and command.

3. Engaging news feed

Social media is all about expressing. Users harness the power of social media for expressing their views, opinions and thoughts, which can influence the society for the good. The news feed is an exciting place where users can share their views or stories in form of posts, photos, videos, status and more. At the end of the day, this feed consists of exciting stories, informational content pieces and influencing videos, which can be liked, shared and commented on. The engagement quotient sees a new high as users get along the concept nicely posting aggressively on the same.

4. Push notifications

A powerful medium to notify users is doing rounds recently in the app industry. Each social media app development company is looking to devise effective push notification strategies by encompassing it with insightful reads, trends, cleverly-targeted promotions and customized content. Don’t forget to include this in your social media app as it has recorded the best conversion rates as compared to emails and text messaging.

5. Security and privacy

Development firms are worried about these aspects from long and the majority of them have already invested huge in covering their aspects of the business. With real users, personal information and content being surfaced, it becomes even more important for the developers to have the highest grade of security features in the app. A regular update fixing the breach corners and bugs can raise the standard and value of your app, so it is advisable to do the needful regularly.

6. Prominent search

With a plethora of data available for access, the search functionality becomes a requisite for any social media app. Apart from being traditional, it also provides advanced search option for different groups and communities helping users to discover the desired. Adding relevant filtering options can further add to the cause allowing the users to quickly find the content they have been searching for. Along with this, the placement of button and bar plays a vital role too. Ensure you have it placed in the right places.

More to it is the design of the search results page. It should be user-friendly and direct. Tarting up the page with multiple things can deviate the user from the original purpose. Try making it simple, clean and pleasing. Also, you can include the search bar at the top of the screen for users to refine their search, if necessary. Tabs like most recent, popular searches, top categories and exact matches can enhance the user experience as well, so try to incorporate the same in your social media app.

7. Network building

Social media is all about the network. You add friends, gain followers and expect a follow back in return. That’s how people go about as they like to connect with their friends, family and relatives from different geographies. Developers need to embed this functionality in the app leveraging users to add peers at will and in a quick manner.

Final thoughts

In addition to above-mentioned points, there are certain things that demand attention when you develop a social media app including choosing the right platform and analyzing your target audience. Taking the right step forward at an early stage will dictate the fate of your mobile app, hence make sure you get the right personnel, right features and right resources in place right from the start.

You need a thoughtful ploy and an experienced social media app development agency to get the things rolling. If you are looking to get associated with the right technical partner, then look nowhere than us and email us your requirements. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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