Cloud App Development- How to Increase Efficiency?

Companies often have to deal with the sunken efficiency when it comes to cloud app development. Learn how to improve it.

Building a cloud application is different than building a regular mobile app. The equipment and skills required are different than in the case of development of traditional mobile apps. Tools are uncommon, complexity level is high and performance can be hard to match the standards. Balancing user expectations, app functionality and quality of the app call for serious efforts.

With the ever-changing market demands and advancement in technology, building quality apps require continuous refinement in the existing practices and advancement in the applied modules to enhance the user experience.

A regular process of developing a mobile app involves effective communication within the team members of different business units and development workforce. A feature-rich and a dynamic app is a result of collaborative effort of the teams at work who contribute evenly during the course of project accomplishment. The phases involved in building an app include requirement gathering, strategy planning, design & development, testing and delivery and launch.

The entire process is same if we talk about cloud app development but be ready to address some noted facets that are vital and can raise the complexity level too, thereby affecting the efficiency.

According to Computerworld Forecast Study, about 76% of businesses have moved a substantial part of their data to the cloud. Clearly showing that companies are favoring cloud computing like never before.

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With certain improvement constraints and irregularities during cloud app development, we present you few tips to improve efficiency and deliver high-quality apps within the set timeframes.

Pointless feature development

More often, it is noticed that complaints and issues about a certain app facet don’t reach to the development team in the way it should, which complicates the entire process as developers are unaware of what exactly is troubling the end-users and what needs to be done.

It’s important to streamline the process and let cloud app developers know what needs to be addressed and when. Developing a pointless feature in this regard won’t do any good to the company as well as to the end-users. This is often observed in the companies as unnecessary code modification is carried out when the problem to be resolved is something else.

Innovate when required

With the urge to offer something extraordinary to the users, developers may fall in the trap of needless innovation. This not only affects the efficiency but also delays the delivery of the app. The first and the foremost task developers need to consider is to resolve the existing issues that directly impacts the end-users. Everything can wait but a poor user experience can increase the app abandonment rate in a flash. Hence, it is necessary to address and fix issues at the earliest.

Innovation is the next step when the existing app performs in an intended manner. Then, developers can discover innovation opportunities and build something that captivates users. This can be a new feature or may be a revision in the older features to give a fresh feel to the app users. It’s basically offering the same with an added flavorsome cookie.

Refine the existing

For the ultimate business success, it’s important to address issues that trouble the existing user base rather than building something new that is potentially not required. The refinement process needs to be undertaken- taking care of the implied procedures and to ensure they work in accordance with the users’ demand.

Often, the development team spends time fixing the bugs that seldom matter to the end-users or will impact them in the least way. Whereas the need of the hour is to fix issues that have been reported by the users. This would help in improved functioning of the app and meet the business goals in an optimal manner. What matters the most needs to be addressed first keeping everything else on hold.

Collaborative effort

Cloud app development would be simpler if done in a systematic and collaborative manner. The support from the varied business divisions is required to achieve the desirable, which include cloud developers, system architects, community and configuration managers and data center nerds.

An efficient approach to software building is a synergistic effort from varied teams who contribute to the development directly or indirectly. This is required to meet the business objectives as well as build a product in the set timeframe, which collectively accounts for improved efficiency of the app development process.

Final thoughts

The real winning moment in the development of a cloud application can be described by keeping applied resources in check, enhancing the functionality of the current application by fixing the unwanted bugs and making way for innovation whenever its needed.

There are several benefits that a cloud app brings to the table including easy and quick data accessibility, more flexibility and agility to the development process. To relish the benefits of being associated with cloud, developers need to understand the ramifications of the same that’ll help in mitigating the potential pitfalls.

To make your app profitable using the above practices, get associated with a company that’s proud of their cloud application development services and have a proven track record in delivering cloud applications.

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