Corporate Stuff: January 2020 First Weekend Activity

January’s first-week was focused on outlining the ways to increase productivity, engagement and greater job satisfaction by an ambit of team-building activities!

It’s important to figure out how to feel better about the time you spend earning a living but if you set happiness as your primary goal, you might simply end up being disappointed. Happiness (just like other emotions) is a fleeting state. Giving meaning to your vocational goal can be a constructive alternative.

Catalog: This article attempts to capture January’s First Week, the team-building activities that helped infusing fun and creativity in an effort to build Konstant’s dream teams.

It’s not exactly about the crisp answers to quirky questions that stand out, but rather the candidates who display a great deal of passion about what they do, that really makes a difference.

We often hear employees express their desire to find greater meaning at work, but for the most part, when presented with outwardly impressive opportunities, we hear them confess, “None of us is as smart as all of us”.

To some extent, almost every employee-focused initiatives are centered on teamwork and its value in bringing about workplace happiness still remains non-debatable. And with the number of hours we spend with our co-workers, the benefits of investing time and money in team building cannot be overemphasized.

Fun Activities

All the teams were instructed to spend 1.5-hour sit, take turns playing games, have a laugh, relax and usurp the dance floor, thus contemplating some best memories of their lives.

Fun ActivitiesHappy faces are always beautiful 🙂

Here’s a glimpse of fun activities at Konstantinfo

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Posted by Konstant Infosolutions on Tuesday, January 7, 2020

It is well known that companies with more engaged employees earn 2.5 times. Here are just those few awesome team-building activities that we played during our first weekend. People from every floor collected in the cafeteria. They were grouped into a team of 3 members for the first activity i.e.:

  1. Miller and Mike Oreo Cookie Trick

Rules: The participants (3 in each group) were made to sit in a circle. They were given 1 chocolate Oreo biscuit each. Each participant had to move their eyebrows up and down to move the Oreo over their eye and onto your cheek. Then move their cheek in a circular motion to move the Oreo down next to their mouth. They had to involve their jaws in a circular motion if they needed help to get Oreo into the mouth. When it’ as close enough, they had to use their tongue to get the Oreo into their mouth.

  1. Pong Classic (was played individually)

Rules: We tried throwing the balls into cups. Here the trick was to match the color of the ball with that of water cup and throw the right balls into the right cups from a decent distance.

  1. Can Duet (was played individually)

Rules: Players were required to blow ping pong balls resting on the top of partially filled water cups. The person to transfer the most number of balls stood as the winner.

Movie Voucher Winners were flattered to be quoted as a most eligible participant:

  • Rupendra Singh Negi
  • Neeraj Singh

Konstant conducts all these activities once in a month getting together and highlighting something each member is working on, and allow people to ask questions, give suggestions and offer up positive feedback.

All these team activities demonstrate the issues associated with improving the process. Each activity was played in multiple rounds to accommodate almost every member present in the cafeteria. All the winners were congratulated on their performances. They probably hit the target by realigning the people to the workflow.

Every new participant was instructed to improve their process by another 50%. Reemphasizing that everyone adds value to the process by playing in sequence.

All these activities chart the progress, physical and mental well-being by hand and eye coordination; and most importantly the challenge continues them to upgrade the process until they have it down to seconds.

In Fine

We believe that the most obvious benefits of doing team-building initiatives at work should be:

  • Facilitating collaborative and motivational work culture,
  • helping in agile problem solving and decision making,
  • fostering responsive and meaningful communication,
  • aiding the use of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking,
  • enhancing productivity,
  • boosting employee morale,
  • playing brain-boosting teasing games,

In the end, learning and insights from team-building games can be transferred to the actual work environment resulting in better work equations and organizational performance. We had an idea to build trust, mitigate conflicts, encourage communication, and increase collaboration amongst peers. Besides spending some time off work together, sharing an experience or working towards a common goal essentially allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively, thus leveraging our motto – ‘Never Stop Having Fun’!

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