How Doctor on Demand App, Raised $74M in Series C Funding with These 4 Powerful Features

Here are 4 powerful features that startups need to check before building an app like Doctor on Demand.

From the changing ways of interfacing with a service and consuming it, to enhanced possibilities of making choice using various dynamic options and features, we can see a lot of changes that smartphones have brought, in the recent days.

With the growing number of users for online services, the idea of on-demand services is growing high in both range and intensity of offerings. And this is evidently supported by the market propensity, user demand, fiscal machinery, value-benefit proposition that cumulatively drive the concept and practice of on-demand services.

This is probably the reason it has grown to connect with upper-band professionals like doctors. To the extent that we have seen this medical-assistance on demand app ‘Doctor on Demand’, acquiring $74M in Series C Funding.

Undoubtedly, the on-demand services are making it big in the sphere of mobile apps. But that feat only comes to you, when you have a fine market opportunity to explore, right plan of execution at your end and a host of resourceful features backing you up.

Here is a list of features that have made it gain all the success as an on-demand doctor app solution.

1. Live Videos

For a medical start-up that offers doctor services on demand, the most important thing is to have a video streaming feature. It is required to seamlessly connect and serve patients and this could be best done with the help of high-quality live video sessions. This allows them to go through all the service details explained by a board-certified physician or field expert, for orientation and consultation. Also, it extensively helps in taking remote medical services in getting diagnosed or treated. Here, you should keep the quality of video very high and it should be streaming uninterruptedly. It should have easy reception and interfacing features to help users effectively connect with it.

Live Videos

2. Access high-quality personalized healthcare

Among the most imperative features to be included in a Doctor on-demand service app is that how effectively patients get their medical and healthcare requirements attended to best meet their personalized interest and needs. This makes their experience with the service better as they expect their needs to be attended just as they get to avail otherwise. Also, as this is an online service, personalization can be well achieved by allowing patients to get access to a wide number of choices, bringing together a wide number of options in disciplines, specialties, experience, timing, consultation fees and other service parameters.

scheduling a time

3. Get instant service and scheduling a time

When you go for on-demand app development  for medical services, you should make sure that you put in the option to cater to both the users – those who want to get instant service and those who want to take appointment or schedule the service. This would allow patients to book appointments as per their convenience and also allow you to fill time slots optimally and serve users better. Also, this will help you to manage and fine-tune the service matrix looking at the changed response mechanism and evolved service dynamics looking at factors like traffic, hit rates, average uptime etc.


4. Available with and without insurance

With the growing substance and influence of insurance in the medical sector, it is important for you to distinguish the insurance-based services with those without insurance. Here, you need to put an option to select from options – with insurance or without insurance. So, if there is a patient with insurance plan it should be sent to a team that is all designed and well appointed to serve such patients. This is important from the perspective of maintaining the mandate and policy of the service. This would also help in validating and optimizing the service from the cost and revenue aspects.

Available with and without insurance

Final words

When you are looking to build an app in telemedicine services, it is suggested to go by above features to ensure the most compelling and proven service model of a mobile app. And that’s how you would be able to ensure that your idea of app is all fed with the right value propositions and utility traits to imbibe and match up the idea and entity of an app like ‘Doctor On Demand’ and look up to achieve such magical performance figures.

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