How Enterprise Mobility Gives Befitting Reply to Covid-19

This article talks about the prospect of enterprise mobility, how it can restructure the post-pandemic economy, and realign the business processes!

The Gist: The Enterprise Mobility been adopted by various organizations to offer employees the option to work from remote locations in accordance to the advancement of technology via machine learning capabilities, big data, artificial intelligence and so on, has allowed employees to access the organization’s information, resources and data from anywhere, through various mobile devices such as smart-phones and laptops etc., easing pandemic bloopers. The Mobility practice circulates the information to all the employees of a company, including those at remote locations.

For vacationers and travel agencies: Travelling seems far-fetched at the moment, but those in the business are already forecasting post-pandemic holiday trends. Once this pandemic abates, the urge to explore will lead travellers to a nearby safe destination.

Office Blues: Whether it is about replacing the washroom tap with sensor faucets, remodelling conference rooms, restricting visits to the canteen and other such post-COVID era adjustments, with the lockdown easing and businesses keen on reopening, many are looking for clarity on practical advice on how to implement social distancing. The scope of the work goes beyond social distancing. It essentially involves translating medical guidelines into workplace strategies and workable guidelines for clients.

Lockdown Legacies

Education Goes Virtual: One of the biggest legacies of the lockdown will be the push that online and virtual education has got. Likewise, the e-commerce industry has become formal even to those who expended it per se. With the on-demand tutor business, the irony is that even though the target user – the student community – has been amazingly comfortable in the virtual medium, in fact even more so than the educators. And it isn’t only the formal system that has gone online – private tuitions, as well as hobby courses, have gone online as well. It’s no big deal!

Enterprise Mobility Pedagogy

The lockdown has brought nostalgia into fashion, with people trying to rediscover and relive the past by way of smart handy devices (enabled with internet). With more tools in the pocket, rather than simple brick and mortar classrooms, one of the very first things that online classes have taught us is to fix the technical problems and fast.

Introduction to Enterprise Mobility Solutions

When the entire universe turns against us, it necessarily doesn’t mean that it is paranoia. With the onset of this invisible virus holding dominion over the world, just dying to settle inside our respiratory tracts, and as if cyclones and earthquakes were not enough to threaten our existence, even the seemingly smaller things of life seem to be hell-bent on destroying the peace. Enterprise Mobility has a trifle to liberate businesses from data security sedates. Whether it is to secure data or to secure particular apps or to lock the complete device – identity, security and access management have to be measured proportionally to be beneficial for the employees being more productive and flexible at work with mobile devices.

What Does Enterprise Mobility Offer?

Enterprise Mobility Solutions helps organizations maximize profits, reduce costs and are mostly dependent on contemporary forms of interaction brought by miniaturized computing and mobile devices into strategic models. Such processes constitute Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management, Mobile Application Management and Mobile Identity Management. Besides, more essential solutions include:

  • Cross-Platform Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Key Enterprise System Integration
  • Customization
  • Security Cost

The interactions with businesses continue to develop with the evolution of technology. Answering the landline calls has been replaced into answering the emails, voice calls or instant messages. It is synonymous with flexible working practices and remote working options. Mobile working, working from home, communicating on telephones/video calls/voice calls/group meetings/skype messages/instant messengers, shared offices, hot-desking and global virtual teams have all transformed the workplace scenario and make people homeward bound, right since their initiation into the workplace.

Impact And Challenges With Enterprise Mobility During Pandemic

  • Assuring Information: Working on-the-go brings certain fear of putting digital flow of information in danger like a data breach, accidental leaks, hacks and attacks, SQL Injection and likewise. Information insurance frameworks
  • Absence of Trained Networking Professionals: Trained IT staff is required to implement data security policies
  • Business Continuity Plan: The way a business conducts itself during the crisis not only augments our image but as well adds to it. A business needs to consider all the differences in the current environment and incorporate pandemic planning considerations into existing resilience management activities including sufficient network connectivity and necessary infrastructure for WFH setup to all employees to provide continuity for their most critical services.

Enterprise Mobility Considerations During COVID-19

Need for Scalability: To have a scalable platform that performs under stress.

Memory Utilization: It is imperative to know the amount of memory that the applications that you access online utilizes.

Testing For Multiple Bandwidth Scenarios – the application has to be consistent and performant as a low-speed web connection will disappoint clients and cause them to quit using the application.

Enterprise Mobility Benefits

Your business can utilize their mobile device to the fullest facilitating digital transformation by:

  • Including near real-time inclusion in business processes requiring one’s attention
  • Making use of geolocation features in mobile devices to deliver powerful and robust field service management functionality
  • Delivering augmented reality features
  • Increasing user engagement and increasing the amount of data making it into an enterprise application

Mobility is focussed on connecting people in the same way as the internet of things is focussed on connecting devices. The various benefits that it carries include:

  • Productivity Gains
  • Allows employee flexibility
  • Supports telecommuting/access to remote work
  • Cost Savings
  • Mobility is part of business continuity planning
  • Keep up with the competition
  • Higher need for employee availability
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Stay aware of cutting edge technology
  • Need to optimize online offerings
  • Attract top talent

Repleting the Enterprise Mobility Gap

The rapid changes resulting from the adoption of new technologies are a result of radical economic and cultural shifts. The sharing economy (Internet of Things) – one device connected with the other – refrigerators connected to the Internet, smart Televisions, smart air conditioners, smart garages, geo-locators within mobile apps, smart vehicle parking systems and self-driving cars are all very interesting. Mobile becomes the most obvious manifestation of digital transformation in industrial/business settings. Accessing the enterprise software from a mobile device illustrates that the system is the lifeblood of the business. Considering the mobility to its core, the employees need to be able to connect to your core business processes and participate even if they are not sitting at their desks. If this is implemented successfully, your business will be able to overcome enterprise mobility challenges during their digital transformation.

We have a lot more to discuss on how we refreshed our resilience plans in response to the current pandemic and how we steer virtual kick-off meetings, brainstorming and action planning sessions to make any operational project market-ready ahead of time. Let us know your take on it!

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