Enterprises Take Another Crack at Mobility with Chatbots

2017 is going to be an exciting year with a more effective enterprise communication using the most modern AI technology-chatbots.

When it comes to business, we always talk about innovating for consumers and customers (which is essential though), but in this horde, we many times skip the use of technology for our own workforce. Needless to say, you can create a product only when you know the technology behind, only when you get the opportunity to use it.

With the same concept, many enterprises, these days, are revolutionizing for their employees, within the organization. In addition to enterprise mobility solutions, chatbots are becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital landscape. Though chatbot isn’t new, artificial intelligence has changed the ways it’s been projected and implemented among the audience now.

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Though the reality is chatbots are expensive to produce, but they certainly are a game changer for many important operations performed in the offices. For instance, if a business analyst wants to enquire about the sales of a particular order from the sales department, they no more need to wait for the response from someone in the sales team but can directly receive a reply from the bot assistant through a database.Especially for a complicated interface like a complex menu or the need for specialized navigation skills, the user can experience effective communication with the help of a bot.

How chatbots can help?

Some of the tasks that enterprise-ready chatbots can perform and assist employees within an organization include

  • Computing statistics on ongoing process
  • Creating summaries
  • Integration with messaging systems like Skype, Slack
  • Reminders and calendars for meeting schedules
  • Providing support finding for data and information
  • More helpful human conversations
  • Testing and security

As many of us are aware of bot technology, some still do not understand that bots are not entirely robotic and rigid to the human instructions. Instead, they have the intelligence to analyze the question/instruction, comprehend it and work on the concept of anticipatory intelligence. The biggest use of chatbot is to provide useful information in a personal way. On top of it, they are awake when your staff sleeps.

Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana are great examples of how chatbots have successfully integrated into user experience. They have become friends with many users, proving that people do not find it strange or crazy to talk to technology or computers.

According to one of the research reports, the market for chatbots is set to grow more than 37% per year until 2021. Enterprise chatbot solutions are starting to become relevant to all departments and professions. Considered the apps of voice interfaces, chatbots are the mechanism to perform specific tasks using voice or text commands.

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No wonder, there has been a monumental change in the way humans and computers/mobile phones communicate with each other. Phones and computers have matured to an extent that they can apply anticipated intelligence to answer a query or perform an operation. With this concept in mind, chatbot application, using artificial intelligence, are developed so that they can reduce human effort and make them enjoy their work- be it home or office.

For instance, using an integrated chatbot software/application may find the answer to you, tapping into your client service database and fetch the required data. It may respond, ‘You have four open tickets on high priority.’ And then, you can go ahead to resolving the. Plus, you can access and work with customer data, employee data, manage the payroll, accounting system of the enterprise, manage work in the field, track delivery and logistics, client projects on tools like Jira, Basecamp. Hubstaff and more- the solutions are infinite.

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Evaluating it from customer’s/consumer’s end, chatbots are a win-win. They can efficiently provide businesses and enterprises the benefits of increased loyalty, trust and conversions from consumers.

From booking a table at a restaurant to getting a favorite movie ticket to planning a trip, a chatbot mobile app will do everything for the master. Besides entertainment, they can also take care of user’s medical conditions by reminding them about their diet, fitness programs, can perform the banking tasks and recommend best investment and insurance schemes.

Needless to say, these are just a few perks of chatbot app development in the enterprise. Chatbots have commendably pervaded into the society of millennials spanning all industries.

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