How Much Does an Enterprise App Cost: The Answer is Clear

Businesses have started to look beyond BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) choosing a more managed way of working within the corporate environment.

Just five to seven years before, people lived with the fear of unknown of using mobile apps. They did not accept the app change with an open mind initially. But we have finally seen mobile offerings of real value for users, organizations and business in the recent years. The tables have turned and it’s a complete mobile application development age.

Not only to external users but mobile apps have also diffused within enterprises to encourage an ongoing mobile process anytime from anywhere. Enterprise application development is at its peak but with a little understanding on how much does the whole development cost.

While building a mobile app was challenging and expensive initially, most development firms have simplified and expedited the whole development process with upfront discussions on cost, timeframes, app technology to be used and much of the development information.

As a business owner or company, if you are looking for a successful enterprise app to implement for enhancing your organization’s workforce productivity and speed up the overall process, here’s your complete cost guide to receive a ‘that’s what I needed’ product in the end.

Let us first understand what is an Enterprise App?

For the ones who are still not sure how an enterprise app can benefit your organization, here is a quick walkthrough:

Enterprise mobile application refers to a mobile approach to performing a set of  tasks within the workplace that can speed up and streamline a significant activity.
Enterprise apps help employees to cross-operate across offices (in multiple locations) and services with all the information they need on their mobile phone
Most of them can cater to clients even after office
To implement an internal project management system
To access all policy and product information on the move

Some of the real-time implemented enterprise mobile app projects from our portfolio are Time Clock, RecoverLink, My Elane

And there are endless advantages of implementing enterprise mobility…

A detailed read on Enterprise App is the Strategic Move for Marketing

Simply put, the average cost of getting an enterprise app built for your workplace ranges between $30,000 to $55,000 (which can go up to $60,000). This price is applicable when you hire an external development agency to create the app for you (strongly preferred).

Since an enterprise app solves a purpose inside a corporate environment and is focused on the everyday working of the processes, it has to be high on security. Plus, it integrates much of the organization’s data or existing data sources. The employee, client and customer data should stay safe and secure in the mobiles of the one who is using it.

Here are some of the factors that drive the cost from its average to a higher scale.

Native or Hybrid: No surprise, a native app always costs you higher than the hybrid one. Almost thrice! This is because a native app takes more development time than the latter and thus, the price per hour increases.

User Authentication: Most enterprise apps require secure login to access the corporate information and related files. The application of authentication requires additional efforts of developers, which raise the cost to a certain limit.

Third-party integrations or API’s: In enterprise mobility, you can’t stick to a stand-alone application that doesn’t rely on any enterprise data or system. Integration with third-party tools and API’s is most required, which further calls for an extra budget.

Offline Support: Once deployed, user’s feedback and queries can only be addressed by providing offline support whenever and wherever they want. To ensure app adoption and usability, an enterprise app must cater to the user community, which demands additional costs.

Using location tracking: Apps like advanced food ordering, time reporting by employees use the device owner’s current location. Developers need to incorporate mapping and GPS features in such an app- here the cost increases.

Others like real-time data graphing, barcode scanning, push notifications, payment processing, billing system, accessing phone’s camera are the cost drivers for enterprise mobile application development.

Apps for employee and B2B partners are a great opportunity for the organization to grow and ensure effectiveness.

To help you reach that level of efficiency, our team at Konstant Infosolutions create interactive, employee-friendly, easy-to-use, resourceful enterprise mobile apps in every industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We’ll be happy to assist you.

One thing you can be sure of at Konstant is cost-effectiveness. We do not mislead with any hidden costs at the time of project delivery rather believe in keeping the costs and timeframes upfront at the onset (except if there is a scope or requirement change).

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