First Weekend Fun (February): A Tango between Work and Life

This is how we celebrated February’s first weekend, have a look!

We all have intense periods at work where multiple deadlines converge, an important deal is closing, or a busy season lasts for a few months. During these times, we may work more intensely for long hours, but we know that the situation is temporary, and we can keep work in perspective.

Striking a fine balance between work and life is ironic considering the technological advancements of the digital age that were designed to make the actual doing of work much simpler, at least in theory. The success behind Konstant’s efforts mainly depends upon the success of the corporate management of the organization.

We Know Exactly…

We believe that finding meaningful work is directly proportional to being in industry, job-role and an organization that compliments your strengths, values and lifestyle.

The companies that fail to deliver according to the expectations of the customers are somewhere lacking the needs of their employees. They fail to match performance to service promises, do not deliver on their service standards or fail to manage service processes, designs or systems. The underlying gaps can be:


We connect with clients through emails, speak with colleagues through text messages, plan and manage work in project management tools and meet via video conference platforms. All these kinds of tasks have been automated ensuring we never miss a beat in checking off our task list. This sort of imbalance in favor of work and life may lead to an unhealthy work atmosphere in the organizations which may lead to pushing initiatives for their workers to reassert their time further.

At Konstant, we push initiatives for the employees to reassert their time. So that no one is left with feeling impossible to reach this Holy Grail, striking a perfect balance between the work and personal time.

The Culture We Follow…

We have activities for all teams on every first weekend of the month. Everyone is expected to participate, enjoy, discuss and above all forget work and relieve stress for a while. Anyone can ask questions and provide input that will genuinely be heard. Apart from this, we believe that an individual can do wonders if given the right management processes and tools to work with.

When you see the entire office taking time off their work, leaving their seats, heading for the cafeteria, enthused to participate, have fun, involve in curative laughter – it shows positivity of the culture and the enjoyment of hanging out with each other.

What We Strive For…

We strive to reach a perfect balance, at worst, impossible and at best, extremely difficult to maintain, which may leave us feeling drained or even depressed. “I’m not working enough so I must be lazy” – a thought like this should never occur. “I’m not spending enough time with my family and friends, so I feel terrible” – something trivial like this should never fall out. At Konstant, we try chasing this mythical balance that is nothing but enigma causing endless frustration.

Konstant manages its workforce

  • Additionally, we strive to deliver services to match customer expectations
  • We try matching performance to service promises
  • We try and deliver on their service standards
  • And managing service designs, processes and systems.

Taking All These Findings A Step Further…

n an ambit to diversify corporate communication, developing the innermost leader and putting employee wellness first Konstant Infosolutions organized a Table Tennis Tournament.  The teams began a rapid-fire rally, their shoes squeaking as they dart around the table. Each player (in games of singles and doubles) played in matches of 3 sets each returning the ball from far behind the left of the table and sprinting to the other side to meet it again. To reach it they had to switch the paddle to their right, non-dominant hand, allowing them to make a powerful shot that can’t be touched (gasp!). And the crowd went wild! Yay!

There were enthusiastic players with their lifelong obsession with table tennis and endless, unabashed exuberance into viral fame, receiving claps and accolades. We had a referee cum commentator with staid and keeled commentary, who delivered in the genteel tones of tennis – voicing the rise and fall of fan’s excitement and match’ score, just apt enough to spot the difference between a pendulum serve and a tomahawk serve. There were trophies for the winners/teams.

The event was followed by Movie Voucher distribution, winners were:

  1. Anupam Baldi
  2. Ajay Kumar Saini


In a way, we believe that life comes full circle at some point in time, where each point feeds and empowers the other. If you are happy to work…you are eventually happy at home and vice versa – a better, energized co-worker and an individual. This makes sense conceptually. At Konstant, all the fun activities and celebrations are in place to put our idea of “Never Stop Having Fun” into practice.

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