How has Artificial Intelligence changed the way Mobile Applications look?

Turning impossible into reality, Artificial Intelligence has left very little for the assumption. Smart sensors and chatbots are not only meeting user expectations but are also going ahead with personalized user experience and better predictions.

Mobile Application Developers build AI apps for introducing new possibilities. So how can AI and the API help build AI apps for next generation? How is artificial intelligence changing mobile app development?

Develop an Artificial Intelligence App with Voice Control

In early days of iOS and Android, the mobile apps used to be highly fragmented but the ecosystem has become much more integrated as the days passed by. Device manufacturers and OS owners do not want to confuse their audience to scroll down tens and hundreds of apps just to search for the one they actually need. To improve the searching process and navigability, mobile app developers are integrating deep linking into their apps to make the content efficient, informative and rich – iOS URL’s, Facebook App links, which essentially allows users to work across apps without needing to launch them separately. Giving voice commands is a powerful way to make the navigation process smooth and efficient. Businesses develop an artificial intelligence app by integrating intelligent voice interfaces into their mobile apps and this has got special importance in taking the mobile ecosystem to new heights.

Incorporating the so-called sophisticated technology into the mobile application is no longer difficult nowadays. The inclusion of voice interface supplements the mobile app interface.

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Figures are always deceiving. Therefore not going by the usual statistics, and prevalent assumptions, reality make us believe that a common person who is surrounded by various connected devices does not want to get confused by using multiple devices at the same time to do simple tasks. If a smartphone can be used to set alarm then where is the use of having a dedicated alarm clock for it? Similarly, if we can simple asks Google Assistant to – “Set alarm for 5:00 AM in morning tomorrow”, it will simply follow the instructions and do just what is required at that moment. You will be amazed by the inbuilt artificial intelligence that helps us take quick decisions and makes our experience rich.

Similarly, your smartphone can be used to control your Air Conditioner and adjust the temperature for you, by simple voice commands. One universal interface can work across all devices to complete simple tasks.

Android and iOS developers develop an artificial intelligence app that is relatively simple and cost-effective

Build AI Apps That Recognizes Behavior Patterns of Users

Why do people tend to delete the mobile app after using it once or twice? One of the primary reasons for this is that an application fails to entice the user more and they uninstall it as soon as their purpose gets over. There has to be a reason that propels the user to stay on the app and look out for more. AI mobile apps help support users in taking key decisions. Needless to say that business, hire an app developer to build AI apps that solve myriad of purposes in retail shops, e-commerce apps, utility apps, traditional AI experience etc. These apps will be “smart” and will easily become aware of behavior patterns of users with time.

Build AI Apps to Give Personalized User Experience

AI apps are capable of suggesting a customized routine for its users, which is based upon user activities within the past week.

Amazon beautifully rebuilt itself around artificial intelligence. All its products have been infused with AI since the very beginning. Chatbots have replaced customer care representatives. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook – all have applied deep learning to the recommendations problems and blown us away with amazingly better results.

Starbucks rolled out its cloud-based Digital Flywheel program, backed by artificial intelligence (AI) intended to suggest the users based on their purchase behavior and likes.

Mobile app development companies are giving tailor-made user experience to the users by incorporating AI technology into the application.

Challenges with AI Apps

We need a different mentality to check the effects and advantages of artificial intelligence. Same way around, there is a need to be cautious about all the developments that artificial intelligence brings for us. AI is something that humans generated for their comfort have we ever thought that it can sound something like “summoning a demon” in words of Elon Musk. The robots, chatbots, Siri, Cortana and such similar applications which humans built for their assistance are soon overpowering them in intelligence. It’s noteworthy, that hundreds of software engineers have invested countless hours and have tried to build up responsive personal assistants, similar to a genie who grants wishes after rubbing the magic lamp in our dreams.

Brighter Side to apps that use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence holds the power to unlock human potential and produce real, tangible results for the business. It can assist marketers and salespeople make better decisions and increase profitability metrics for businesses. AI has become an inseparable part of all mobile apps. Engineers develop an artificial intelligence app to give their users an intuitive experience. They need quick and responsive apps and stray away from confusing and time-consuming websites. There has been growth in a number of users who wish to adopt gadgets to make their lives easy.

AI-Based Apps – Applications and Advantages

If a smart-watch can help track their health, daily routine, schedule meetings, can help in checking emails and set alarms etc., they are more than happy to have it. This trend is only going to continue and enhance further in coming years. Developers will have to adapt to their user needs with natural interfaces. Invoca,, Conversica, are some of the top Sales and Marketing AI Companies, that have been working around AI and it’s concepts. As an example, Cortona, Hound, Recent News, Elsa, Stifr Magic Cleaner, Google Allo, Robin are the 7 best AI apps for Android and IOS. All this and more, British chip design firm ARM with Project Trillium is soon planning to make AI enabled SIM cards for mobile devices that will allow smartphone devices to run machine learning algorithms even when they are offline.

Summary of Points

AI has been growing exponentially as people have been investing a lot into it in the last couple of years. According to experts, the market value of AI is expected to cross $38billion in 2025.

Every business works hard to hook and retain the customers and they leave no stone unturned to make this happen in short and long run. Having a website used to be a necessity some time back but it is quintessential to have a mobile application these days. People usually love making use of voice-based devices like Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortona and Amazon’s Echo and other such AI-based apps that help control their daily activities without much effort.

All these and many more AI apps have been built around the idea of “Listen to me carefully, Do what I say and give me what I demand”. Have queries, ask our experts.

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