How Much Does an On-Demand Delivery App Cost?

Airbnb, HomeAway,, Uber, Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, Instacart, Lyft and Rinse- are great platforms adding income to the on-demand economy.

All these companies work with a single aim – to deliver door-to-door and on-demand services to people across the globe. On-demand delivery apps have been a major craze since last few years. From hailing a ride to shopping for grocery to getting a body massage, everything is easy and available through few taps on our mobile screen.
With businesses outstretching their services to cater to a broad range of customers and market segments across industries, on-demand delivery apps hold a glittering future.

If you have a business idea of starting an on-demand service app, this will help you a lot. You will get to know many interesting and new apps that are available in App stores. This article is much about on-demand delivery app development and how does the cost vary if additional features are added to the app.

There are already many apps to provide various services but only few are known to us. Now we have a ‘Uber-like’ service for each of our everyday tasks. By ‘Uber-like,’ we mean companies and services that are pushing boundaries for customer’s convenience and to fulfill their demands. Some of them are:

Roadie: on-the-way delivery network with a delivery gig created on your mobile

Soothe: a relaxing massage from a five-star therapist in the comfort of your home

BloomThat: handcrafted, fresh flowers delivered to your loved ones on special occasions and anytime

Medicast: on-demand doctors to provide prescription and treat you at your home as fast as you want.

Washio: premium dry cleaning and laundry service with pickup and drop at your time

Plowz & Mowz: order a lawn mower to take care of your outdoors whenever you want.

Isn’t it amazing? You receive door-to-door service for anything you need by having a mobile app. Just order what you want!

If you think that developing such a valuable service app will cost you beyond your budget, you may have missed out something. Read through to know it better.

Hourly cost and average range

Simply put, the average hourly cost of developing an on-demand delivery app ranges between $15-$25.

For the complete app, the cost estimates between $20,000 – $40,000 (can go up to $50,000), which is relatively higher than a regular service app like eCommerce, dating, social networking, enterprise app and others.

Read here to know the cost of developing a mobile app

Most app development companies provide a cost estimate to clients including the working cost of their developers, designers, Project Managers and other team members actively working on the project (employee cost), infrastructure and hardware expenses, business overheads like taxes, licensing and others.

However, the estimates may differ from company to company. All these price quotations are in line with recent trends and industry standards.

The average range varies due to added features and functionality as per your app’s requirements and demands of the target audience. It’s better to know things in advance so that you come prepared with what all features you need in your app and plan your budget accordingly.

Here is a rundown of added features that can vary the price of your app. The cost estimates are mentioned as the number of working days, which can be further calculated by the average hourly price.

Rating & Reviews

Customers can express their opinion about the services they received and then rate them bad, good, average, excellent as per their experience. Most on-demand delivery apps incorporate this functionality. On an average, it takes around 6 days to implement it.

So, it’s 6*8* ($15-$25).


The overall time invested in developing recommendations feature is 4 days. With this, along with rating, users can suggest some changes and creative ideas that the app owner can include for a more futuristic approach.


To provide an added flavor to users who have been using your app since long, referral programs are a thumbs-up. They let your customers save a lot and help you earn with new users (their friends and family) downloading and subscribing to your app. The developer has to code additionally that takes around 2 business days.

Special Offers

Customer engagement is most important and for that, app owners need to give them something special. Offers and discounts are add-on features that need a development time of 2 working days.

Promo Codes

Applying promo code functionality on the app requires 3 additional days. So, the cost can be calculated on per hour basis.

Payments & Mobile wallets

Payment through credit card or mobile wallets is yet another important feature of an on-demand delivery app, which takes around 4 days to put into effect.

It’s worth building a mobile solution to help deliver anything and everything users want. Our team at Konstant Infosolutions has the right expertise and extensive experience in developing mobile apps catering to all industries.

If you want to make your users stay and return back to your app, get in touch with our Project Manager and skilled developers and designers. They are capable of creating excellent user interfaces and delivering an engaging user experience.

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  1. On-Demand delivery apps are those that serve people at their doorstep either immediately or at scheduled time, once the customer places an order.

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