How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Event App?

Is there such a thing as an affordable event app development? It is, only if you plan wisely and collaborate with a genuine, reliable development company.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of growing your business? Is it opening a new office? Recruiting more staff? Or having a mobile app?

We received a majority of ‘yes’ for ‘having a mobile app,’when we asked the same to a lot many startups and enterprises around. Of course, the other two are important, though. Right now, the next desirable move by every offline, brick-and-mortar or online web store is to have a mobile app. Because each one of these organizations has realized that the maximum traffic of the world can only be acquired if your business is on mobile.

That said, the next concern for all the ‘to be app owners’ is the investment- the cost of app development.

Regardless of what industry they belong to, most of them are in favor of getting it developed from an expert app development company to avoid last-minute troubles and failures. True that! why give it a chance when we are there to help you with the whole development.

While cost is a concern for many, we can assure the most affordable price range for your mobile app, particularly talking about an event app, without compromising the quality and efforts that we deliver.

Are you looking to develop one? Then Stay! We’ve some extremely useful data and facts brought together that will help you estimate your investment costs for developing an event app.

(Remember, affordable here doesn’t mean extremely low rates because the companies that lure you with the cheapest also deliver the same quality. So, don’t fall into the trap of low prices.)

From our extensive experience in app development, we can very well tell you how the app development cost is calculated, what are the various parameters with which the cost varies, what can be the hidden costs and what’s the average cost you need to be ready to invest in the development of an event app so that you can monetize in the future.

Average Prices

Certainly, event apps are becoming more fundamental as people expect easy access to information on their smartphones, tablets and handheld devices.

Besides just providing event information, as an app owner, you need to decide the degree of creativity that should be applied to incentivize maximum adoption and high engagement of users. There are a variety of options like interactive exhibitor maps, splash screens, banners, notifications, discounts and coupons, multi-events, single-events, social activity feeds and more.

Having been relatively reasonable than on-demand, enterprise, chatting apps and other large app projects, there is an average price calculated for event app development that ranges between $10k-15k.

Cost Components of the Event App

App Platform

First of all, the cost varies depending on the most important choice- the mobile platform- Android, iPhone or both (there are very few apps built for Windows and Blackberry these days).

When you hire an app development company, the first thing they ask you is the platform. If you want to build for one of these platforms, the cost would be calculated on the average hourly rates for native app development.

While if chosen to build it to work on both the platforms, businesses generally opt for hybrid app development, which is less expensive than the native as 70% of the code and functionality can be reused for the other platform after the app is built for one.

GPS Connectivity

gps connectivity Source:

Like we said before, if you want your attendees to reach the destination, where the event is happening just through your app, nothing can be better than integrating location-based (GPS) services with the app. This requires an additional cost equivalent to the number of hours consumed in adding this functionality to it multiplied by the average hourly rate. For example, to add a GPS services, we require 7-10 days and thus, the cost would vary accordingly.

Social features

Adding social features to your app will considerably increase the development cost. With this, you can make the app more user-focused as users can share their data and post what they did at the event including photos, videos, gifs.

social features Source:

For example, some of the events apps have activity feeds where attendees can post photos, share status updates and questions, form a community to discuss the particular event they attended or are going to attend. This social networking will definitely engage more traffic and provide them value worth downloading. It takes around 5-7 days to include this into the app.

API Integrations

api integration

Yet another important component that can either increase the cost is integrating your app with a third-party service and facilitating your app with an added feature. For example, to add a payment gateway for allowing digital payment to buy the tickets online, there will be an additional cost incurred due to the extra number of hours invested in the development.

While API integration is different for different apps and so, the days required to execute this vary from app to app. Generally, it takes 3-4 days for integrating an API.

Offers and Discounts

What’s the deal? A favorite phrase of millennials whenever they are going out for shopping, dinner, date, an office trip, movies or elsewhere. Everyone is interested in a good discount that can help them save first and spend afterwards. Deals, discounts, offers, cashback, coupons make your users the happiest, and clearly,improve their loyalty towards using your app services. It takes around 2 business days to make it work in your app.

Offers and Discounts

Similarly, there are other services like chatting, video streaming, graphic updates, dynamic content changes that can provide you to build a better app infrastructure. But, remember the more features you add, the more cost it incurs.

So, what’s most important is to discover what you actually want. Also, finding the right app developer that won’t screw you up with the unnecessary, surprise costs, is also a touch challenge. It’s tougher to find one that can understand your business, your goals, your expectations from the design and functioning of the app.

But for you, it’s easy. Because we are here, and we believe in collaborating for developing an experience-rich mobile app, which can take you far in making your startup a success. We have some great event apps built for our clients, check them here . We’d love to build an amazing one for you. Get in touch, we offer the best prices in the industry.

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