How Much Does It Cost to Create an App?

Whenever you spend a lot of time with the app developers or the app development companies discussing your projects, the development cost rubs off on you. Take more informed decisions with us.

Mobile app development is a big story of the business world now. You could say a mobile app is the most modern representation of your business that appeals your existing customers and potential users. Mobile apps showcase a real-world example of your product or service in action when you are visible to most people around the world.

Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about mobile app effectiveness. But in your organization, is it even clear what mobile app development success or effectiveness looks like? We were surprised to find out that almost 50% don’t know.

To be more effective at launching your mobile app, you must know how you need to proceed with the app development process. Best-in-class mobile app developers India emphasize on clients to gain deeper knowledge about the cost of development that a company charges and a few points on what mobile platforms you choose your app to work on.

Today, smart business owners tap various online, authentic articles and perform a comprehensive research on the costs incurred in developing apps before approaching an offshore app development company India or abroad. This helps them to be sure of not getting screwed up by too high costs or too lost investments, asked my any app development company.

Cost breakdown

App development cost is crucial to every business out there- be it a startup, a mid-level enterprise or an innovative brand. While you’re handing over your business to the app developers, you wouldn’t want to take any risks when it comes to the quality, the usability and the value derived from your app.

While there are mobile app cost calculators available on the internet, most of them are a marketing bait. Not any mobile app developers India or abroad can give you an exact project cost right away. It’s a journey, not a fixed, one-time computation. And thus, there is no single answer to how much does it cost to build an app, here’re few aspects on which the cost of development depends:

  • Type of app– social media, transport, on-demand, business, lifestyle, game, enterprise or more
  • Mobile platforms– iOS, Android, hybrid
  • Number of pages/number of screens
  • Features, infrastructure, API integrations
  • Hardware cost including beacon, AR equipment, VR headset
  • Access to device features- camera, voice and media
  • Design specifications of the app- basic, clones (Uber, Zomato, UrbanClap, Airbnb or more), custom-made, complex apps
  • The target audience
  • Level of customization
  • Scope change– if you demand a change in app requirements and its functionality in between the development, the cost estimates change

As an app owner, one of your biggest goals is to decide the type of app you want to develop.  Building a strong and effective mobile app strategy makes is easier for your app development partner to understand and implement it better.

App design cost might vary according to app developers, according to client requirements, technological changes, usage of tools and software, efforts of teams, execution of the plan, availability of the network, timely communication, budget constraints, and some additional resources.

This app cost can substantially fluctuate due to various elements and the market condition at a specific time. It also depends upon the nature of the app to be developed. Various surveys suggest the average app development cost in the US is $6500. These costs differ from service to service, industry to industry and market to market.

The reason why most companies hesitate to develop a mobile app is due to the cost that comes with it. Moreover, they are apprehensive about achieving high returns on investment from the mobile app.

Other factors that directly or indirectly affect the cost of app design are:

  • Research: understanding the need of the market; conducting proper research before executing the plan. Making proper research beforehand improves the quality of the final product.
  • Mobile Platform: The platform (IDE) on which the app is to be developed, the tools and software required in iOS or Android are also crucial factors in determining the overall cost of the app.
  • Features and Functionality – Features to be included within an app vary according to the industries for which the app is to be developed.
  • Human Resource: This involves people working on the app. Developers can be in-house or outsourced. They can be expensive to employ and play a crucial role in determining economic and timely completion of the app.
  • Testing: Time and budget required – screening the application by developers before UAT and deployment.
  • Updates and maintenance – Estimating the maintenance charges and checking the requirements and frequency of updates cannot be ignored either.
  • Licensing and copyright – This is a mandatory requirement before the release of the app in the market. The amount that has to be paid to the app store or play store must be determined in advance.

Moving further, below is the detailed listing that helps you understand what all bases are covered when app development companies provide their cost estimates:

  • Number of developers, designers and other resources involved in app development. App development companies like us offer different types of engagement models– dedicated hiring, part-time hire, hourly hire. The cost of development varies based on the hiring model you choose for your project.
  • The extra hardware/firmware expenses need to be installed for the app to function well. The infrastructure cost incurred by the app development companies
  • Company overheads

Summing this all, each of the Indian app development companies propose a cost estimate to the clients.

Native apps

Heavy apps that guarantee the best user experience built natively for iOS and Android demand higher development costs. Since the developers and the team need to work independently for the app platforms, the efforts and costs are high. Typically, native app development calls for expertise in Android Studio, Java for Android apps and OS X, Cocoa Touch, Objective C, Swift for iOS apps.

Native apps will get more expensive as the number of mobile platforms you want the app on increases as more developers and designers will be involved in project management.

As per our development experience, the average cost of an Android app ranges between $15,000 to $40,000. This is a ballpark figure and the range is too wide because the cost directly relates to the functionality and features you want to add in your app.

You can consult our team for more details on app development costs for game apps, data-driven apps, Xamarin and PhoneGap app development, spanning multiple indsutries.

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Hybrid/Cross-platform apps

These are the best-suited to reach a larger, global audience in least time and least budget. The maintenance cost for hybrid apps is also relatively lower compared to the native apps. The major reasons for low costs are- 1. easy availability of experts in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, which are the core technologies for cross-platform app development, 2. a single code can run across multiple platforms (Android and iOS) and thus, the efforts and time of the developers are reduced to 75%.

Earlier, cross-platform app development was considered a low performance affair not just because it takes fewer hours and fewer dollars but because of the technology bundle. To everyone’s delight, this is dead and gone now. With modern and high-geared technologies like React Native and Native Script, hybrid app development is much lovable.

Advanced AR/VR apps

They can be either native or hybrid. These are high-complexity apps and include the most advanced features like real-time synchronizations, custom animations, complex backend, integration with third-party services, use of hardware/firmware. Not every company claiming to be top-notch in app development India can create a meaningful, value-driven AR/VR app. Our expert developers can help you proceed with a high-performing AR app. You can contact them directly via phone or leave a message with us, we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

Who can develop a better app idea?

In this industry, we basically have two options- either hire a top-level app development company or work with a freelancer. Hiring a professional, dedicated app development agency is more expensive than the freelancer, but yes, it comes with a myriad of benefits. When the designers, developers, project managers, quality analysts- all team up to work on a project, you have a much better chance to see the best ideas and work on the table.

Advantages of hiring mobile app development companies:

  • Everything that you need in one place: Top app development companies have expert staff, diverse teams and departments, a large pool of resources to choose as you’re your business requirements, competent infrastructure in place, high-performance software.
  • Regular updates: While timely and informed communication is the key to a successful project delivery, app development agencies encourage regular communication with the clients over skype, video call, phone calls to keep them updated about the app’s performance and status.
  • See what you pay for: Bear in mind, you can’t get information this deep from most ‘freelance developers’ you find around. App development companies provide app prototypes, wireframes, storyboards before you seal the deal. Also, they are transparent enough to share all the important information including their clients, testimonials, portfolio on their official website. Henceforth, you get to see everything before you make any payments.
  • A well-researched, thorough and to-the-point app development strategy

The only challenge that you face with a full-time app development agency is higher costs, but we bet, it’s worth every penny.

Now, before we review the cost of hiring freelancers, we’d like to enlist the biggest plus of working with them- i.e., cheaper development compared to app development companies. However, in 99% cases, it has been a dead loss.

Drawbacks of hiring freelance app developers

  • Finding a dedicated team is cumbersome: It becomes quite a challenge for the time-crunched business people or organizations to get all the team members in one place and on the same wavelength.
  • No reliability and consistency: Freelancers are not bound to any contract or terms of services. They withdraw or break down any point of time. This is scary, seriously.
  • You end up being the project manager: Be ready to coordinate with the team as there is no other project manager than you. For every minute update, you need to take the pain.
  • Nothing substantial to have confidence in in: When freelancers show you their work, especially from remote places, there are very few chances for them to be truthful. What if they showcased a wonderful portfolio at the time of hiring but when you start working, you discover being deceived? Will it be acceptable to you? We guess, no.

So, a perfect app development strategy in place is what you look for. Eventually, you can dig in to know better about the company and ask for their cost estimates. Don’t fall for too cheap prices- they can be a booby trap. So, choose wisely.

If you’re still looking for a professional, well-established app development company, we’d love to help. Share your app idea with us, we’ll make it happen.

Infographic: How Much Time and Cost It Takes To Build a Mobile App
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