#Marketplace App Basics: How to Create an App like Wish and Make it Thrive?

E-commerce marketplace Apps like Wish is successful as it is able to make its presence in a customer-oriented market, by becoming a disruptive force in the retail space. Check the basics:

Off late there has been an increasing demand to have a marketplace providing all facilities under its umbrella. People continuously look for a place where they can shop across multiple categories with one app – whether it is groceries, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, footwear, daily essentials, baby products, beauty, health, toys, Kid’s fashion, car, motorbike, industrial, books, music, movies, gaming, software, recharges and bill payments, art, handicrafts, and collectibles.

Wish Marketplace Basics

Customer service, competitive prices, fast shipping, wide selection, and effective digital marketing are other factors that must be kept in mind while designing an e-commerce marketplace.  It takes an earnest and conscientious attempt to make game-changing platforms that ramshackle’s antiquated industries like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, Tinder, Google, Spotify, Amazon, Linkedin, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Google App Store, eBay, Alibaba etc.

Almost every e-commerce marketplace has to learn to handle fast and bumpy lessons left by disruptors like Uber and Airbnb. They have made tremendous efforts to make customer’s lives dramatically better, giving one positive experience at a time.

List of Top E-commerce Platforms for small business in US 2019

List of Apps like Wish and Geek

Amazon ShoppingOverstock
Offer UpZulily

Statista Reports For e-Commerce in US 2019

  • Revenue in the e-Commerce market is estimated to rise up to US$560, 747m, with an annual growth rate of 7.0%, resulting in a market volume of US$735,358 by 2023.
  • Toys, Hobbies, and DIY is going to be the market’s largest segment with a market volume of US$172, 422 m in 2019.
  • User penetration will cross 80% by 2023 and the average revenue per user (ARPU) will amount to approximately US$2,144.85

What is Wish local App About?

Wish is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplaces that have gathered all the attention recently from local as well as global buyers. In light of all the buzz, let’ check whether it is legitimate to create an app like wish and how it works:

  • Register for an account using Google or Facebook
  • Browse the available deals and categories. This includes a section that can be customized according to choice.
  • Add items to cart
  • Make the payment

What Make Apps like Wish for Merchants Work?

Wish comes with some unbelievable discounts which are why it is popular amongst masses. But it does not list any brand information or other specifics for its products on its site. So the discount that is received cannot actually be verified against the product quality.

Wish ships its products directly from manufacturers in China and other Asian countries which is the reason prices are so low. As the prices go low, there are people who make frequent purchases and are actually not concerned about the quality.

What Should be Considered While Making an App like Wish?

Few things must be considered while making an ecommerce app like wish:

  • Shipping times might vary according to locations and postal codes. This must be kept in mind while creating the app and must be mentioned clearly.
  • Details of the products must be introspected while ordering the products
  • The user’s real name must not get displayed once the order is placed or viewed. This can be a threat to a person’s security

Apps like Wish and Geek connects merchants with global customers. With over 100 million customer accounts and 100000 merchants that are selling around 40 million items – everything is at a discounted price (featuring everything from clothes to smartphones to fitness gadgets and wearables etc.)

List of Features That Must be Included In E-commerce App

  • Mobile Push Notifications – Easy to advertise offers in real-time
  • In-App call, SMS or Email – Customers can reach the store easily
  • Search and Sort – Allows customers to browse and shop
  • Customization – Delivers superior app experience with customized app interface

Other features that can be included in the e-commerce app

  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • Add to a favorites section
  • Blogs
  • Parenting section
  • Calculator and currency converter
  • A section to compare products
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Product Image Quality
  • Product Reviews
  • Dedicated ‘Discounts’ Feature
  • Product Search with QR Codes

app like wish

Useful Tips: Building Wish Marketplace App

Apps similar to wish business model can be developed via proper planning coupled with market research and subsequent development efforts. There are few important things that must be noted in order to make a mass impact: Must consider social media strategy, reach audiences offline, improve the user-experience, accept more payment methods, and invest in analytics and SEO. Mobile apps like wish can be utilized to secure an amazing shopping experience. If there is any other app similar to wish that inspires you then do let us know in comment section below so that next time we are around, we will cover that up for you! Connect with us and get real time insights on e-commerce app development!

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