Laravel Framework – How Significantly Does it Contribute Into PHP?

The unique architecture of Laravel has made it a very promising framework with a great and a brilliant future ahead. Laravel framework is considered to be a piece of art because of its huge community.

Laravel is a free and open source PHP web application framework that has been designed to develop MVC or model-view-controller web applications. It is considered to have a significant and well-designed syntax. Released under the MIT license, Laravel has its source codes hosted on GitHub. Laravel, fundamentally, is known to make efforts in taking out the troubles and problems to make the common tasks easy so that it can result in creative and enjoyable experience that eventually comes out to be truly gratifying. Laravel has indeed improvised the experience of web development in PHP. This has also been proven beneficial in large projects, like that of CMS or content management system.

Laravel brings ease and simplicity in the common task of a number of web projects, like sessions, authentication, routing, and caching. According to the survey of the developers in 2013, Laravel was listed as the most popular PHP framework pursued by other frameworks, like Symfony2, Phalcon, Codelgniter, and others. Furthermore, as per the reports of August 2014, Laravel is again honored as the most popular and watched PHP project on GitHub. The aim with which Laravel was developed was to make the development process pleasant and satisfying for the developers with losing the functionality of the application. The basic features of Laravel include:

> Brilliant accessibility and powerful framework

> Handle the robust and large applications efficiently

> Expressive migration system

> Outstanding inversion of control container

> Integrated unit testing support

> Supportive tool that can build any application

> Caching

> Queues

> Events

> Authentication

> Well-expressed object relational mapping or ORM

The Other Interesting Factors that Laravel Offers

Unit-Testing: An important aspect of the Laravel framework, Unit-testing runs numerous tests to make sure that there is no such new change that breaks anything. Laravel is known to cautiously take care of the known failures, and that is why it is significantly considered to have some of the most unwavering releases in the industry. Eventually, it has been adopted and well-liked by the developers.

Application Logic: Application framework can be implemented within any application, either directly or using controllers. Directly, application logic can be used in route declarations by means of syntax that is alike Sinatra framework. Laravel has actually privileged developers with the flexibility and liberty that is needed to create any kind of website whether small or massive applications.

Routing System: Laravel framework has exceptionally user-friendly and simple approach to routing. Most of the beginners in PHP development are not well-known with anything else than the basics of the route system. In Laravel, wherever the routing system is triggered, that area becomes more flexible and controllable. To match any desired URI, a directory is created in the Laravel framework.

Automatic Pagination: To avoid the cluttering up of the bunch of pagination configuration with that of the application logic, automatic pagination is used as an another amazing feature of the Laravel framework. In this approach, a limit/offset called “paginate “selects the data and gets the record of “db” counts. The automatic pagination interacts with the Laravel to ensure that where to output the paging links in view. The pagination system of Laravel was basically designed for programmers and developers to make the work easier and to implement the changes, if required, with much effort. The automatic techniques of Laravel allow the tasks to be handled in a much easier way.

View Composers: View composers are the code blocks that can be run when a view is loaded. An example of this approach is the blog side-navigation, which contains the list of random blogs. A composer identifies the logic so as to load the blog post’s view that is how it should be placed. This make sure that controllers loads all data from model for views that is unrelated to the content of the method.

The unique architecture of Laravel has made it a very promising framework with a great and a brilliant future ahead. This framework is considered to be a piece of art because of its huge community. It caters to the needs of web app right from the basic functionalities of the data processing, blogs, websites, importing and exporting data, a large app all developed at the same time. It is possible only with the awesome framework that Laravel provides. Moreover, it is also prominent as that framework, which provides most neat and classy web apps.

Konstant has also incorporated Laravel framework in its PHP programming to deliver superlative solutions to its clients. We build projects within the time schedules keeping in mind the allocated budgets. Other than the Laravel framework, we provide PHP application development services as well.

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