Micrographic: The Growth of Cross Platform Development

Increasing demand of leading cross-platform app development tools.

Nowadays, mobile app industry is a significant area to keep an eye on as it is growing immensely and will continue to grow in coming years. Creating mobile apps for businesses and targeting more number of mobile customers is now something more competitive and challenging. Challenging because every business industry is going for mobile. There is a trend for developing an actionable app within the limited time and budget as many businesses are focusing on less investment and greater ROI. And therefore, there is a huge demand for cross-platform apps through which one may get the advantage of targeting mobile users from multiple platforms. Increasing demand of cross-platform apps has increased the number of tools for developing cutting edge applications for multiple platforms. Let’s have a look into which cross platform app development tools are winning.

Cross Platform Growth in Recent Years

PhoneGap (now Cordova) is the most common and most popular tool for building cross-platform applications. From 2013 to 2015, there is a huge increase in the usage of PhoneGap that is from 30% to more than 60% because of lesser complexity. Xamarin and Unity are also in solider demand. And after the acquisition of Xamarin from Microsoft, it is assumed that the call of Xamarin will be increased in coming years. The demand of tools are Adobe Air and Corona are decreasing day by day, the reasons may be the complexity and limited extensibility.

Targeting all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. will be an extraordinary idea but will work in the case you provide your users a seamless experience and appealing features. So, if you are thinking of developing a cross-platform app for multiple platforms, consult with the expert team of cross-platform app developers for all your requirements and needs. Get in touch with us now, we will listen to you and will provide the best suitable option for your industry.

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