Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – The Pluses and Minuses

In 2020, there will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web is less important and useful than in the past and apps are the dominant factor in people’s lives.” – PewResearch Internet Project

The mobile app system is the collected form of Native apps, Hybrid apps, and Web apps. Among them, web app is the primitive way of accessing internet through the smartphone.

Native apps can run natively optimizing hardware and software technologies of devices while hybrid apps are packed with native features with web-based view using technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

To develop an app, you need to choose among the two most popular and usable app technologies keeping the merits and demerits in mind.

Native Apps

Native app technology was the first solid and winning step taken in developing mobile apps. It is better known as standard app development as the code has written for specific operating systems to optimize the functionalities of particular devices.

1. Native apps have an ability to work with the inbuilt features of devices – hardware and software both.
2. The apps are developed complying with security guidelines of each app store thereby ensuring safety and performance of the app.
3. Native apps are fully integrated with device features and thus, they can get access to the native APIs of devices like push notifications, contacts, camera, and others.

1. Developers need to write separate code for each different platform, which consumes a lot of time.
2. Native platforms have their own frameworks and rules with different disciplines that require high investment.
3. As the code is rewritten independently for multiple OS, the effort for natives is separately for iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Hybrid Apps

“The only constant in the technology industry is change.” – Marc Benioff

Hybrid app is a new trend that is popularly accreted and implemented in mobile app development. Technologies like HTML5 or CSS are used to develop web app version and native libraries to create native platform features in hybrid apps.

1. Need not rewrite the code- single codebase for all platforms.
2. Developing hybrid apps require less budget as well as less time.
3. Since hybrid apps are Packed with web technologies and native features they provide access to device features and responsive web design even when user is offline.

1. Hybrid apps require complex native libraries, which affect the performance of an app.
2. Do not support all latest technologies of all devices and operating systems.
3. Fail to fulfill the guidelines of each platform.

For better, quick and precise comparison, make a note of the differences on the basis of development, device, and app features.


Are Hybrid Apps the Future?

Hybrid apps evolved to bridge the gap between functions of native apps and flaws of web apps. They are gaining popularity because developers prefer writing less code and enterprises and app owners find it convenient to develop a cost-effective app across platforms in a short time frame.

As per the report by Gartner, most organizations will need an app developing tool for all the three major operating system- iOS, Android, and Windows and HTML5 is the standard to develop hybrid apps on different platforms.

Our expert developers at Konstant know the importance of emerging technology and its benefits for users and app owners.

To know more on whether to develop a native app or hybrid app, you can contact us anytime. Our team will recommend the best solutions as per your requirements, usability, time limit, and budget.

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