#Tales-Of-Events: Synthesizing Event Planning Apps Like Eventbrite and Yplan

Here are salient features of event planning apps that help position events for maximum impact – both for your attendees and your organization!

None of the customers these days want to be served with one-size-fits-all experience. There has to be an event platform that allows attendees to have a view of the event on their terms. Having a central resource specifically curated to align with their profile, goals of the event with access to their personal agenda, one-on-one meetings, travel information and other relevant content is equally important.

As it has become increasingly important to improve the resultant of an organization’s events, marketers have realized the importance of event management technology. More often than not, reserved for event planners, technology for events has contrived towards lead-generating and brand building roles. Exploring more options for event management, marketing goals of an organization supports these five essential pointers:

  • The necessity to have a dedicated local event app
  • Automating the marketing integration – Typically organizations spend 1/3 of their total marketing spends on events. Marketing automation system and event management can be integrated and the data generated before, after and during the event can be used to enhance the quality of leads-to-revenue, which will eventually improve the entire process of event organization.
  • Lead Intelligence – Tapping behavior of attendees from events into engagement statistics, which can eventually optimize sales. An event management technology must be proof enough to capture user profile, engagement, and interest data throughout the event. This data must be combined with data from marketing automation systems, to generate a rich and accurate picture of the unique requirements of each user.
  • Ease of making appointments – An event succeeds when all the stakeholders are empowered to achieve their event objectives through deeper engagement between the right participants.
  • Personalized “Event Views” for Attendees – The attendees must have the feeling of attending an event that is personalized according to their needs. They must have a sense of achievement after attending that event. Their meetings, personal agenda, and all the relevant content must be tracked.

Customized Features for Event Planning Application

A custom mobile application (iPhone, Android, iPad) for any event or conference can have the following features/modules –

  • Event Sessions & Schedule
  • Mobile Content Management System (CMS)
  • Custom User Schedule & Bookmarking
  • Interactive Exhibitor Floor-plan Maps
  • Custom Event App Graphics Design
  • Mobile Themes & Templates
  • Multi-Language Mobile Event Apps
  • Send Attendees Push Notifications
  • Live Polling & Audience Response System
  • Mobile Chat for Event Attendees
  • Speaker & Exhibitor Directories
  • Promote Event Sponsors
  • City & Destination Guides
  • Password Protection & User Authentication
  • Tutorial & Walkthrough System
  • Event Content Hosted in the Cloud
  • Springboard Homepage Design
  • App Usage Analytics & Reports
  • Surveys, Questionnaires, Feedback
  • Video Channels & Playlists
  • Display Image Galleries
  • Display News and Blog Feeds
  • PDF Document Viewer
  • Google+ Sharing for Event Apps
  • Bookmarking
  • Notepad
  • Social Network Sharing – Twitter Integration, Facebook Sharing Integration
  • App Font Size Adjustment
  • App Portal Webpage
  • Worry-Free Maintenance & Software Updates for Event Apps 

Planning to create apps like Eventbrite? It is all about executing a dream in real!

It is not Friday, it is Fri-yay! When the town is packed with Aloha parties! People seek a respite from their daily schedules. This gives event organizer companies a chance to do a bang-up job, create event planning apps that look just like Eventbrite, YPlan, Songkick, CrowdCompass, Eventdex, webMOBI, Bandsintown,  and Whova etc. Event planner app differs according to location, features and target audience.

Typical  Modules in Event Planner Apps

Centering the features on event tickets, almost all event planning apps support multiple platforms and basic modules like Registration, Event Feed, Search and Categories, Payments, Tickets, Online Event Management and Push Notifications etc.

Definitive Give-and-Takes: What points must be considered when working with your event discovery app?

In order to be successful, an event app solution has to allow users to learn about their app. It has to promote itself rather than just selling tickets.

  • It must let users interact on their platform, interactions with social media accounts to reach out to the audience directly and must make use of the content that scans user’s music from local storage, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, or YouTube and suggests local concerts based on the taste of music.
  • The event organizer app must deal efficaciously with the issues of tickets and payments making use of Zendesk help integration and chatbot feature.
  • Event frauds can be fatal. These must be cross-checked as a huge amount of money is involved. It is important to check the authenticity of the company that is holding the event along with all the payment options.
  • The event planning app must be scalable, cost-effective enabling cross-platform support. It is as well important to have a team of dedicated developers to handle important crashes and to fix bugs on time.

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The grand impact of a giant event planning application like Eventbrite and Yplan and its different services indicates the worth of developing event planning apps, especially for entrepreneurs to establish their new startups. Looking for event planning app development solutions? We have things to perfectly pitch your request. Let’s talk about your project!

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